Which project is strong? Tether unexpectedly turned out to be the least hype, far below Bitcoin

The TIE, a cryptocurrency analysis and data platform, recently investigated cryptocurrency speculation on Twitter. By comparing robot accounts and exaggerated user engagement, which tokens were manipulated the most? To compare, the researchers investigated the ratio of speculation to activity or the number of tweets per $1 million in transactions.

Let’s take a look at these “flowers and exhibitions” projects.

Among the 450 cryptocurrencies considered in the survey, the average activity of Twitter is 1.02 per $1 million. Therefore, any token below this value seems to be avoiding hype, not using hype as a marketing tool, and not really caring whether it is noticed.


The cryptocurrency that was hyped the least was Tether, which scored only 0.003. While this may be a bit of a surprise for some people because Tether suffers from disproportionate (mostly negative) hype, we must remember that it is widely used in cryptocurrency transactions – not to mention its daily Trading volume often exceeds $20 billion.

Other lower scores include EOS (0.008), Ethereum Classic (0.158), Cosmos (0.230), and NEO (0.231).

Very balanced cryptocurrency performer

A cryptocurrency that scores within a rough range of averages seems to be very confident about one's ability. There is no need to boast, they can focus on the work at hand.

Most of the top five tokens in the market capitalization fall into this category. Bitcoin was 1.72; Ethereum was slightly lower at 1.17; Bitcoin cash was 0.72, below average; Litecoin was at 1.08, in the middle.


Those of you who are sharp-eyed may have noticed an obvious negligence. It is not surprising to find that Ripple (XRP) is inconsistent with the trend of high market capitalization. The XRP score is 4.07, which is impressive.

This value is actually higher when it comes to tags like the popular #XRPArmy and #XRPCommunity, with a rough estimate of 6.66. Is XRP the cryptocurrency of the beast?

Don't believe in the hype!

However, even XRP has become dwarfed by the over-expanded hype tools below. The top three hype currently include TokenPay (911.1 Tweets/$1 million), Electroneum (678.8) and Dragonchain (505.3). TokenPay's hype is 33 million higher than Tether, a number that is surprising.


This level of “big hype” is revealed by tweets from a large number of robot accounts, false followers, and manipulated engagement. For example, Electroneum has 127,000 fans on Twitter, while the famous exchange BitMEX has only 65,000 fans.