Blockchain digital identity project MYKEY, announced the completion of a total of 10,000 public beta

The blockchain digital identity project MYKEY officially ended the three-month public beta on August 20, opening the user fission plan. From now on, new users who are invited to register will receive a lot of KEY token incentives.
MYKEY ( is an autonomous identity system based on multiple public blockchains, dedicated to providing an infrastructure for large-scale landing of blockchains. From the perspective of digital asset management, MYKEY is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that builds a one-stop digital life platform for users through digital currency storage, trading, wealth management, games and community, and builds a variety of businesses for developers. The model's blockchain application development and operation ecosystem.
In MYKEY, users can control their assets autonomously, and when they lose their account, they can easily freeze and recover their accounts. In addition, MYKEY is also part of the Web of Trust. In the context of Web 3.0, MYKEY returns the data sovereignty to the user, which fundamentally protects the user's privacy rights.
At present, the protocol has been deployed with EOS and has been running safely, efficiently and stably for nearly 6 months. The newly added users once accounted for one-tenth of the newly added users of the EOS public chain, and accumulated more than 10,000 public beta users. It is reported that the agreement will also support Ethereum and other mainstream public chains in the near future.