Bitcoin core developer Pieter Wuille launches new bitcoin scripting language Miniscript

Bitcoin core developer and Blockstream co-founder Pieter Wuille released a tweet to announce the launch of a new Bitcoin scripting language Miniscript. Essentially, this is a way to write (some) bitcoin scripts in a structured, combinable way, allowing for various static analysis, generic signatures, and policy compilation. The project includes a strategy compiler that finds the most economical Miniscript compatible scripts when you set the output cost and relative probability. Not only can developers use the Policy Compiler on their websites, but Miniscript's algorithm support builds witnesses for any Miniscript-compatible scripts without having to know the source of the script strategy. Pieter Wuille said that the current blockchain technology focus is on extending the functionality of the blockchain itself to support more complex applications, but the extension is done in an accessible, combinable, and analyzable way. . Pieter Wuille hopes that programs such as Miniscript and PSBT can reduce some of the barriers between software.