British host Peter McCormack received a letter from the Macao Cong suit, responding that he would reject his request

According to FXStreet, British cryptograph host Peter McCormack recently received a letter from Craig Wright, in which Craig Wright accused McCormack of repeatedly calling him "Faketoshi" on Twitter. "The liar", thus causing "serious harm" to its reputation. The letter threatened that if McCormack did not comply with Aoben Cong’s request before April 23, he would go to court. In response, McCormack said, "I absolutely reject their request and do not recommend others to do so. I think it is fraudulent to claim that he is Nakamoto and to sell the fake bitcoin. I think this is for the public good. Let's go to the court. I did this because it was the right thing. I lost everything, and if I lost again, the BSV is a fake bitcoin manipulated by a liar."