"Mastering Bitcoin" Author: Why Nakamoto who is not at all important?

– Why is it that Nakamoto is not important at all? – Because we are all bitcoin. Authentic Bitcoin author Andreas M. Antonopoulos says

Author: Andreas M. Antonopoulos translation: Cobo wallet

Questioner: " In your opinion, why did Nakamoto not explain the meaning of Bitcoin to people? In addition, why do you think he decided not to disclose his identity?"

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: "Well… In Greek mythology, there is a story about Prometheus: Prometheus steals the skyfire from God and secretly brings it to humans. As punishment, he is locked On a rock, every day there will be a falcon to feed his liver. The next day his liver will grow again and suffer from torture, and Nakamoto will take the "currency" out of the country. It is not that he stole the money, but returned the technology of the currency itself to the people. If we really found Nakamoto, what is most likely to happen? Some people will lock him on a rock (this is just a metaphor), let an eagle feed on him, her or their liver. The next day when Nakamoto was discovered, we may know from the media that this person is a criminal, a terrorist, a Muslim, a homosexual, a vegetarian, an anarchist, a punk rocker. Hand, maybe also related to Justin Bieber. I just listed the 10 worst cases I can think of. The media will definitely write this way. At this time we will realize that Nakamoto has disappeared in time.

I think a reasonable person should understand that Nakamoto is not a god or a prophet. Although he/she or they originally directed the direction of Bitcoin, Bitcoin itself does not belong to them. They are for the future and future of Bitcoin. It is not a sacred truth to imagine. All of us are bitcoin. Bitcoin is always made up of many individuals. This is the most important meaning of Bitcoin. Therefore, Nakamoto's view on Bitcoin is not important. In fact, Nakamoto is not 100% sure that Bitcoin can work, and they have been very skeptical about it. So, it's important: Nakamoto can't tell us what Bitcoin is, because neither he/she/they knows where Bitcoin will go.

We are making history, we must acknowledge this fact, and have the courage to take responsibility. Creating history means that you don’t know what will happen next. This is an unprecedented change. You must make careful choices and put your eyes on the long-term, bitcoin. The rudder of this big ship is already in our hands.