Xue Hongyan: Libra value is stable enough, but the space for speculation is not big.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei news, on August 20th, Xue Hongyan, assistant to the president of Suning Financial Research Institute, said in an interview that for the digital currency dominated by speculative attributes, the emergence of Libra has once again caused the society to encrypt digital currency. Concerns may lead to an increase in speculation and an increase in the value of the currency in the short term. Xue Hongyan stressed that Libra's pressure on the wind control and the consequent regulatory resistance will only grow. In this regard, he believes that Libra is linked to a basket of sovereign currencies, the value is stable enough, and the speculative property is weak. To a certain extent, the Libra is equivalent to speculating foreign exchange, with limited attraction and little space.