Babet SheKnows | FTX COO Constance: The concept of a stop-loss stop

On the evening of August 20th, FTX COO Constance said in the Pakistani SheKnows community talk show that the contract itself is a financial derivatives tool, the market is up and down, users can take advantage of a tool to hedge risk. But because of its high leverage, it fully satisfies the gambling of users, especially retail investors. In addition to ten gambling and nine losses, there is a saying that the more gambling, the more lose, the more you lose the gambling. So in fact, there is no essential relationship between winning or losing and whether or not to continue to gamble. She also pointed out that although high leverage may have high returns, it also means high risk. In traditional financial markets, the volume of futures exchanges or derivatives exchanges is 17 times that of spot transactions, which is still a few years ago. However, although the volume of cryptocurrency futures has increased, it is still level with the spot. That is to say, this business still has dozens of times of development space. Therefore, its development trend is inevitable. A trading concept that needs to be advocated is: always have the concept of stop-loss and stop-loss, low-leverage trading, and control risks.