Bitcoin has fallen back, ETC has skyrocketed, and the market has started a new direction?

After Bitcoin hit 11,000 US dollars, it began to retrace. The rise of this wave came to an end. As I have emphasized, the high point of bitcoin's rise is gradually decreasing, which means that the rise will end at $11,000.

ETC's skyrocketing is also a matter of opinion. Some people even take the high-speed ETC out to talk about it. It seems that it is very important to have a good name. At least, off-site investors come to the scene, take a glance, believe that the people who know ETC are the most, the investment must first pick the familiar purchase, ETC naturally becomes the first choice.

The rise of Bitcoin in this round has a lot to do with the skyrocketing gold. Now that gold has fallen below $1,500 again, bitcoin decline is also reasonable. The market will choose to vote with the feet, and investors need to keep an eye on these external changes in order to grasp the changes in the market.

The start of ETC is the last straw that has caused the market to fall. The reason why the ETS has risen so much has been attributed to the fact that ETC has been swaying for a long time at the bottom. It has been oscillating for more than a month.

You can compare the price of ETC and find that the ETC has fallen more than 80% from the high level, and the increase is also small. Coupled with ETC's next year's incentive halving mechanism, with good expectations, this wave of small gains has been achieved.

Judging from the rising amount of this wave, the heavy volume has risen. Although there have been some declines, it is believed that there will be a good increase in the amount of funds injected. Those who want to chase can get involved in the callback phase.

Of course, the overall trend depends on the trend of Bitcoin, but the increase in Bitcoin is actually very limited. It is more difficult to pull higher. Therefore, the rising market at this stage may be close to the top and the possibility of continuing to go down. Bigger.

From the time point of view, the frequency of the rise and fall is accelerating, which is a sign of changes in the market's wind direction. The market may turn into a trend of shocks and downwards. The demand for stepping back is very strong, and the warehousing needs to be cautious.

As for the extent of the decline, most of them run within the triangle. The upper and lower edges of the triangle can be used as the dividing line for the ups and downs, and the direction of the end of the triangle will be selected.

The following analysis of the market with indicators:

The trend of Bitcoin has already risen, and it may be the cross star of the Yinxian line. It may be the dividing line of the ups and downs. If you can't accept the upper shadow line tomorrow, if it can't be received, then the fall will start; the trend remains. Run in a convergent triangle.

On the indicator, the MACD is near the 0-axis, the red column begins to grow longer; KDJ begins to stagnate at the high level; the RSI dead fork forms and begins to retire; the Bollinger line closes, the price shock is intensifying, and the market is likely to continue to call back, 11500 The dollar is the dividing line.

The ETH contraction callback, KDJ showed a high stagflation, the RSI began to retreat significantly, the signs of capital withdrawal were obvious, the pressure of $200 was insurmountable, and funds began to withdraw. The Bollinger Band continues to open, the price is running below the middle rail, and the trend is getting weaker. The MACD is also glued under the 0-axis. The market trend is weak, and it is difficult to break the pressure of 200 US dollars in the short term.

The trend of EOS is also weak, there is a callback, KDJ and RSI are both low-level bonding, MACD also begins to bond, in a stale state, it is difficult to launch a new attack. This wave is limited and may continue to fall in the later period.

On the whole, the short-term start to turn more empty, the stage high point is formed again, if rebound, high position take profit, this time, we must avoid risk, waiting for the next bargain-hunting opportunity, more investment advice, you can pay attention to the public number: The big devil in the coin circle.

This article data source: QKL123