The death of chain travel: Are they born for entertainment, or are they born for trading?

With the name of "chain tour", the development of the gambling-style Dapp, the big play fund game, has become the "survival means" of many public chains. DappReview's latest data shows that Ethereum, Wavefield, IOST's most active Dapp in the first half of the year is a lottery, a total of 606, and the game class Dapp ranked second with 398. Of the 398 games, many are based on lottery. And a year ago, the focus of almost all public chain Dapp development was on chain travel rather than gambling.

Inter-chain pulse finishing from the birth of the first native chain tour, to the chain tour gradually developed into a lottery, quiz, capital DJ synonym, or even directly replaced, the time inflection point is roughly in the middle of 2018, the number of two types of Dapp Change interacts with the development of the public chain.

Note: Game, lottery, trading, and fund games are called gambling because of their strong gambling nature.

Opening: The frenzy of encrypting cats

At the end of 2017, at the beginning of 2018, the chain tour was once considered to be “the first Dapp that can be landed on a large scale.” This view stems from the success of the first chain-link “encrypted cat”.

On November 23, 2017, the world's first blockchain game, the Cryptokitties encryption cat, was born. After more than a month, the encrypted cat quickly jumped on the "altar" of the blockchain application, but it also fell quickly.

According to Dapprader data, on December 9, 2017, it was the highest day for encrypted cats, reaching 14,190. At the peak, the encrypted cat even occupied 15% of the Ethereum network, nearly double the second-placed 8% share of the German-based decentralized exchange, causing congestion in the Ethereum. However, the player's enthusiasm for encrypting cats goes faster. On January 10, 2018, the Encryption Cat Day survived below 1000. Until now, the daily life can only be maintained at around 100, and there is no sign of renewed popularity.

(Source: Dapprader)

Looking back on 2018, the chain of cats brought by the encryption cats can be said to have swept the entire blockchain or even the game industry in the first quarter, and then quickly cooled down.

In view of the differences and gaps in Dapp statistics between different lists and platforms, the inter-chain pulse selects multiple sources of data and tries to restore the development track of the chain tour. According to Spiderdate data, in February 2018, the new game DApps in Ethereum reached a peak of 89, and 82 in March, far exceeding the total number of Dapps in the same period.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Spiderdate)

A number of public chains have also developed game Dapp applications one after another. The public chain NEO also launched a game development contest of 3.5 million prize pools in May 2018. The quantum chain method is the "dongle dog" and "catching demon". However, most of the chain tours at this stage are imitating the encryption cat mode, that is, the collection of drums and flowers, sometimes incorporating combat play, developing gameplay, etc., in addition to collections, battles, real estate, cards, betting, RPG. Chain tours such as /MMORPG are produced.

The trend of chain travel development has even spread from the blockchain industry to the e-sports online game industry. Internet game giants test the water game on the chain, Netease game "Netease Lucky Cat" on January 5, 2018 has been exposed, Tencent in April 2018 released the use of blockchain technology game "to catch the demon" … well-known Game media such as game grapes, game teahouses, Game, etc. have increased their coverage of chain tours and game chains. The game grape also specializes in the "grape blockchain" public number, talking about chain tours. However, this public number did not issue any more after May 31, 2018.

According to statistics from the game grape in March last year, there are 167 games on the blockchain, and there are more than 21 related game platforms based on the blockchain, which have covered a variety of subdivision scenarios, including game transactions/props. Trading platform, distribution and marketing, e-sports, cloud games, chain travel platforms, etc.

In addition, some online game practitioners have turned to chain tours. Former "QQ Hyun Dance" product director He Xiaoxing and technical director Han Wei have left in May 2018, joined the chain travel industry, and created the blockchain project PlayBlock. Subsequently, PlayBlock launched the chain tour "Little P Tribe", "Brock Labyrinth".

Change the taste: Fomo3D funds disk game spoiler

On the one hand, the high number of game-like Dapps proves that it is hot. On the other hand, this also buried hidden dangers. Behind the surge in quantity is low-cost development and design. On the Internet, there is even a post on “How to develop a chain tour in three days”. But even if it's hot like encrypting cats, the real life cycle is only a month. And this kind of chain tour that can be developed in three days is even more difficult to survive. In this case, many developers have embraced lottery, quiz, and fund-based "games" in order to attract players in a very short period of time, complete the accumulation of funds, and then quickly exit.

According to the data analysis report of Ethereum Dapp in August, September, October and November of 2018, the number of Dapp exits in Ethereum has exceeded the growth. The total number of Dapp games Dapp in 2018 is 8 At the end of the month, it reached 411. Although there were new games in September, the total number has been reduced to 325, with 391 and 398 in October and November respectively. The game class DAPP is showing up.

(Cartography: Mutual Chain Pulse Data Source: Chain Tower Think Tank)

When the game appeared, the gaming class Dapp has begun to fill the position. If it is said, the chain tour represented by the encrypted cat also has the color of the virtual game props, which is expected to be converted into digital assets. Then in the Fomo3D game period, the blockchain game began to fall to a thorough gaming game.

On July 20, 2018, the Ethereum network launched a blockchain game called Fomo3D. Fomo3D is 24 hours per game. The game releases KEYs that can be purchased by ETH. The game starts. Players buy KEY and ETH remits to the prize pool. At the end of the 24-hour countdown, players who buy the last KEY get 48% of the prize pool. reward. During the period, whenever a player buys a KEY, the countdown is extended by 30 seconds, and the player who first enters the game can also receive the assets of the player who entered the game as a dividend.

Within 24 hours, Fomo3D increased its user volume by more than 150%, and its trading volume increased by 1500%. It ranked first in the EAP's Dapp active list. There have been statistics showing that the first home game generated hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow transactions.

After Fomo3D, a similar "game" appeared. EOS on the application called PixelMaster, claiming to be a blockchain writing art, is a game DAPP. The gameplay is also 24 hours per game. Players buy a pass on a digital canvas to draw pixels, and buy the last pixel to win the entire prize pool.

Fomo3D, PixelMaster, Bitcoin decryption games, and all kinds of chains, gambling, and quiz-themed chain tours have appeared on a large scale. Such chain tours are simple to develop and can quickly gather funds, so they are more sought after by the market. However, its essence is the gaming class Dapp. Soon, the proportion of chain games in the Dapp ecosystem was exceeded by the betting Dapp app.

Up to now, according to DappReview's Dapp data report for the first half of 2019, the three major public chains, Ethereum, Wavefield, and IOST, are the most active Dapps in the first half of the year, with a total of 606, and 398 active games. Ranked second; followed by 358 high-risk categories and 111 exchanges.

(Source: DappReview)

In the public chain of the game that has been sung, there is still a public chain with the rapid expansion of gambling games. The Bell chain opens the market again with two explosive chain tours, and at the same time brings greater stigma to the chain tour. .

In April 2018, Bell Chain established a foundation in Singapore and has launched four games to date. In October 2018, it launched the "Super Rich" and released the token BRC on the exchange. "Super Rich" is a simulation business game, players can earn BRC through the development industry, and there is a fixed dividend, the Bell chain will also buy back the BRC to promote its appreciation. In January 2019, Bell Chain launched the shooting game Super Warrior. Players use the BRC to buy bullets to destroy the monsters in the game. After knocking down the monsters, they will get the BRC rewards randomly. In March, "World City", which is similar to the gameplay, was launched.

The series of games quickly sold a large number of BRCs, and in conjunction with the node lock mode, the Bell chain rose more than 800% in a month, and also reached a drop of more than 80% in a few minutes. Although there are many phenomena after the event, the Bell Chain game has obvious characteristics of the fund disk, but the Bell chain has completed the initial accumulation, and plans to open the "DAPP ecological layout" road.

The Bell Chain is expected to launch its main game online this month. After the main online line, it plans to release 50 games each year. However, relying on gambling games to make a home, the Bell chain, which has risen twice in a three-month period and has a black history, is being questioned that it will face a collapse.

Struggling: left hand entertainment, right hand trading

Entertainment is the cornerstone of game survival, and trading is the cornerstone of the survival of the public chain behind the chain tour. The two conflict, the survival of the public chain is obvious.

The developers who are optimistic about the chain tour are familiar with the story of V God. V God because the World of Warcraft development company Blizzard canceled the game character warlock's "life absorbing rainbow" skills, and repeated communication with Blizzard company failed, the virtual assets in the game were violated, very angry. Later, V God created the Ethereum of “Decentralization Technology”. “It’s better to build a technical system that can endogenously include what we want, rather than being able to be honest with each other.” Participants are corrupt and the system itself is functioning properly and getting the results we want."

From this story, everyone gets a very consistent conclusion: the blockchain can preserve the value of the game account's assets, so that the data assets in the game truly belong to the users themselves, and are not arbitrarily falsified by the project parties to protect the player's gaming experience and Game assets.

In practice, developers prefer to discuss how to improve entertainment while ensuring smooth transactions. The development mode of traditional games is generally to use the game mechanism and design to attract users. The project party will use the incentives such as free props in the early stage to attract users and complete the accumulation of certain users, then guide the users to consume in the game and realize the realization. At the beginning of the development of chain travel, the first question to be considered is that if you don’t make money, can you make money quickly? Both developers and players enter the game with a strong speculative mind.

So until now, there are only two types of mainstream gameplay in the chain travel industry: the collection game of drumming and the game of gambling, and this is in varying degrees, with the design of the pass, allowing digital assets to appreciate in the chain. Initially, V God lost the pain points of game assets because of the rules of the game company, and it was not solved.

Inter-Chain Pulses organizes recent public comments in the industry, as well as some media articles, to sort out the current view of chain travel practitioners on the direction of chain travel. Overall, the entertainment of the current chain tour is not as important as the in-game trading mechanism.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse)

In the direction of the development of chain travel, most of the viewpoints believe that chain tour has the underlying technology to create new rules of game economy, and it should be developed in this direction. The founder of GameFarmer, Hu Yufeng, directly proposed: to make large virtual economies take precedence over simple game.

When mentioning the challenges faced by the chain tour, although there are also opinions that the chain tour is lacking in the types of games and gameplay, more comments point out that the low performance of the chain tour Dapp is an urgent problem to be solved. In the incremental acquisition of users, virtual item trading is considered to be a new growth point for chain travel, and the growth of user volume is more dependent on community communication. This is different from traditional online games to attract users by game design and operation.

The direction of these views is more of a hope that the data generated by the players in the game becomes an asset and appreciates through the transaction. Behind this is also reflected in the survival dilemma that the public chain technology is difficult to bring: lack of landing scenes – difficult to create strong vitality Dapp – difficult to attract users – can only rely on the fund game to attract users, survive – can not really break through Landing dilemma.

In this vicious circle, should the next blockchain game be born for entertainment or for trading?

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