Babbitt SheKnows | Contract Di Duwan: The current contract market, OKEx quarter and BitMEX perpetually have the biggest impact on the market

On the evening of August 20th, the contract co-founder Du Wan made a guest interview with the Pakistani SheKnows community. When asked about "sustainable contracts and delivery contracts, what are their respective strengths and weaknesses", he said that domestic users, the most popular ones are OKEx's quarterly contract and BitMEX's perpetual contract. Personal subjective feelings do not have any strengths and weaknesses, but the two dominant times are too long, causing everyone to become a habit. The first reaction on OKEx is to do quarters, and sustainability is used as an auxiliary option. For example, there are more than one quarter in the low quarter. I want to add more positions, but I don't want to raise the average price of the quarterly lows, so I will continue to do more. Or confidently full, think that this price can be as much as 36w knife, and open a perpetual avoidance to be delivered. And BitMEX everyone has become a habit, and rarely uses its delivery. The current contract market, OKEx quarter and BitMEX continue to have the greatest impact on the market. Looking forward to the performance of the next fire coins and Binance.