Analysis shows that bitcoin is not a safe haven in the traditional sense

According to Ryan Todd, an analyst at The Block, the risk of bitcoin is incredibly high considering the volatility of security assets, including gold and US Treasury bonds – making it a less stable and weaker The value of the store. (This is not the investment you really want to make when the market is out of control.) In the past five years, as the world's largest cryptocurrency, the annual volatility of Bitcoin's 30-day average was 12.4%, compared to US Treasury bonds and gold. The volatility is approximately 0.50% and 2.5%, respectively. In addition, the analysis shows that bitcoin, traditionally considered unrelated to other asset classes, has seen an increase in the correlation between bitcoin and the renminbi in the past month, which has undermined the misconception that bitcoin is a safe haven. Finally, Bitcoin's standard deviation trend since 2013 also shows that it is still far from the "role" that acts as a safe-haven asset.