Encrypted currency godfather David Chaum founded a new company, Praxxis, to develop digital currency against quantum computing

According to the block rhythm news, David Chan, the godfather of the cryptocurrency and the founder of the first digital currency (Digicash), established the new company Praxxis to develop digital currency against quantum computing. Praxxis will bring together David Chaum's research on digital currency, voting and distribution mechanisms over the past four decades. The Praxxis digital currency will leverage the privacy protection technology of Elixxir (a previously established privacy protection platform from David Chaum) to ensure that metadata is not compromised. In addition, the cryptographic techniques used by Praxxis enable anti-government regulation and quantum attacks, which are currently not possible with mainstream cryptocurrencies. The Praxxis white paper is expected to be released this year, with more information and technical details on the white paper.