The founder of Paxfu suggested “destroying” Satoshi’s bitcoin assets to fully address the concerns raised by his true identity.

According to Decrypt, if Nakamoto does appear and decides to withdraw its crypto assets, it will cause the bitcoin market to collapse. In this regard, Ray Youssef, founder of Paxful in the P2P bitcoin market, proposed a non-traditional solution to “destroy” Nakamoto’s 980,000 bitcoins. As a result, the fear caused by Nakamoto’s unknown identity disappeared. It is possible to destroy Satoshi’s Bitcoin assets. If the entire network agrees to transfer Bitcoin to another inaccessible account, then Satoshi will not be able to access its assets. But if there is no consensus, the Bitcoin network will be divided into two parts. Mihai Teodosiu, founder of Yakkie Apps, said that this is a stupid idea, just like the idea of ​​rolling back the Bitcoin network after the hacking of the currency.