Did Nakamoto appear, is it good or bad?

Recently, another person who claimed to be Zhong Bencong caused a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community. The “Zhongben Cong” said in his three-part self-report on his website that he is the father of Bitcoin. But it is clear that after countless similar farce, everyone is not so easily fooled, but the melon to eat should still be eaten.

To put it simply, the first two articles published by Nakamoto Satoshi on the website probably introduce the origin and passage of Bitcoin and why you should name yourself Nakamoto. If there are still some places to prove in the first two articles, then the third article can be said to be no different from the self-destruction. He mentioned that the 98w bitcoin he owned was lost after a hard disk was destroyed….. .

As you said, I can also say that I am Nakamoto. Recalling that since the advent of Bitcoin, Nakamoto has disappeared, and he has said that he is a "pseudo-conscience" of Nakamoto Sakamoto. At least 18 people have been so far, but there is no such thing as a real hammer. In fact, it turns out that the method of Nakamoto is very simple. There is no need to spend a lot of time on the whistle. You can use the wallet of the creation area to transfer money to any address, but these impersonators never do this. ….

a blockbuster that is lit at any time

Although I am also very curious about who Nakamoto is, after all, this problem has become the biggest mystery in the encryption world. But as a currency person, I don't want Nakamoto to return to the encryption community.

Assuming that Satoshi Nakamoto really returns to the crypto world, it means that his bitcoin wallet is a master. However, as the holder of the first bitcoin, how many bits did he get in the early days of mining? The currency is something we cannot estimate. If this batch of bitcoin floods into the cryptocurrency market in a short period of time, then both the impact on the currency price and the impact on the encryption community are enormous.

In addition, the biggest advantage of the first bitcoin, which is known as the cryptocurrency, is its decentralization. The reason why it can be maintained so far is that its founder, Nakamoto Satoshi, created Bitcoin. It disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

In the early days of the founding, Satoshi Satoshi did a lot of hard work for the formation of Bitcoin, but after a long period of time, Bitcoin and even the entire cryptocurrency have developed to the present, relying on its de-centralization and the contributions of the participants and the world. Consensus.

Now that Bitcoin has been formed, if Nakamoto is really coming back, can the Bitcoin of the founder be truly decentralized?

God only does not land is God.

In our impression, Nakamoto seems to have no shortcomings, at least for the encryption world. The words that mentioned in Nakamoto's mind are mostly prophets, selflessness, freedom, and even some people speculate whether he is from the future. What's more, for Bitcoin's loyal fans, Nakamoto is a god-like existence, the starting point of Bitcoin, and the belief of many followers.

However, all of this stems from people's envy and worship of the unknown. If Nakamoto is really present in front of everyone, it proves that he is just an ordinary person. Not only that, but he will also be conspiring to come up with various crimes. In fact, although Nakamoto is not in the rivers and lakes, his rumors have never stopped.

Before the protagonist of Nakamoto was unknown, all the speculations, whether good or bad, were just rumors, and all conspiracy theories were nothing but delusions. Once the identity is settled, the last link of conspiracy theory is complete, because as long as it is someone, it can involve some kind of interest or even a stronger existence behind it.

Perhaps, if he is an American, Bitcoin will be maliciously speculated as a conspiracy on Wall Street. If it is Japanese, then it is a conspiracy of Japan. If it is Chinese… it will probably be insanely invited to various The conference was forced to stand for the 9999 virtual currency project…

Then the leeks will say, it’s another big slash that cuts the leeks….

to sum up

All in all, Nakamoto's appearance is really not as good as it appears, whether it is the decentralization of Bitcoin or the currency and the entire Bitcoin community, or even for himself, it is not good.

In fact, I have never felt that he will appear again. His cleverness lies in retiring after creating such a thing that can change the world. Since he did not choose to stay, he will not return now. After all, the meaning of Bitcoin is now far greater than that of Nakamoto. As for those "pseudo-consists" that come out one after another, who can't see it is hype?

But even Einstein's brain has been collected. If you can find Nakamoto to let him go out again, who knows what interesting things will happen?

Source: Block wave