Market Analysis: The positive correlation between cryptocurrency and US stocks will be higher and higher

Last night, the three major stock indexes of the US stock market retraced, and the cryptocurrency market also experienced different degrees of retracement. The gold micro-sheets still maintained high volatility. Overall, the trend of cryptocurrency and US stocks is relatively close. We believe that the next positive correlation may be Will continue to strengthen. Many people will ask why the global interest rate cut has not promoted the cryptocurrency and the further rise of US stocks. Our understanding is that US stocks are at a historical high level and have been in the bull market for ten consecutive years. There should also be a decent callback. In the decade of the US stock market bull market, the cryptocurrency market has become even more terrible. Therefore, only the bull market that came out of the market has not used the bull market. The recent positive effect on cryptocurrencies is actually quite a lot, but the market is not moving. I think that there is more capital factor in it. The current funds seem to have no incremental demand for the cryptocurrency market. It is still to maintain a stock game. It is good to make up for the increase. I think everyone should be vigilant in the future. Take risk prevention and control as the main factor.


Yesterday, BTC oscillated in the position of more than half of the yang line of the day before yesterday. It failed to regain the neckline pressure of 11,000 US dollars. The volume continued to shrink. Macd had signs of re-turning upwards to form a golden fork near the zero axis. 5 antennas It has also turned its head to the Golden Fork 10 antenna. The gains and losses of the 5 antennas that need attention now may continue to maintain a narrow range of vibrations around the 5 antennas. Personally, it is close to the end of the rebound. If the assumption is true, the current round will be repeated. The possibility of breaking the low point of August 15th will be very high. If the subsequent volume has a pressure of over 11,000 US dollars, it will further test the drop connection of the high point. The connection pressure of the high point is strong. It is very likely that the fall will continue to maintain the triangle, I have not bargained, and I still wait and see, I personally think that the probability of going down is high.


ETH followed the market and failed to stand up to the $200 integer mark. The target's trend is a bit like a mutated M head. It is currently withdrawing the $200 neckline and paying attention to whether the point can be regained. Yesterday, the volume of the Yinxian line was slightly enlarged, indicating that the selling is still relatively large. The 5 antennas have the signs of the Golden Cross 10 antennas, paying attention to the gains and losses of the 5 antennas, and the enthusiasm for participating in the bottoming is not high, then the pressure of 200 points is very high. It is difficult to stand firm again, unless there is a gradual increase in volume, the volume must be moderately enlarged, but the hope is not great, and the possibility of continuing to find the bottom is relatively large.


BCH is still running in the channel. There is no directional choice yet. At present, it has not broken the pressure level near 330 USD. It will re-test the support of the channel line and observe whether it will fall below the uptrend line in the next few days. If you fall below the uptrend line, you may challenge 120 antennas in the second direction. And this time, I think that the probability of standing up is relatively large. If you break through 120 antennas or you can challenge the previous high position, if you fall again, you will fall again. The trend line should be resolutely left. At present, the probability of falling below the uptrend line is greater.


BNB fell below the triangle and failed to stand up again. It has been confirmed that the break is effective. The moving average system is short-selling. The macd indicator is bonded below the zero-axis. At present, only the amount of the breakthrough exceeds 30 dollars to reverse the downward trend. Personally believe that the down cycle has been opened, may not change in the short term, the support of 24 dollars has a high probability of being penetrated, pay attention to risk.

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