Data show: Ethereum's bitcoin exchange rate is declining 30 days ROI underperforming

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on August 21, the price of Ethereum was $192.9, the total market value was $21,721.74M, and the volume of mainstream exchanges was approximately $124.98M, which was 14.9% lower than yesterday. Ethereum exchange rate against Bitcoin There is a certain downward trend; in terms of fundamentals, the trading volume and active address number of the Ethereum chain are steadily fluctuating, the computing power has a certain downward trend, and the trading volume of the DApp on the chain remains stable; the Ethereum 30-day developer index is about 2.31, and BTC The 180-day correlation remained stable at present, which is about 0.795. The 30-day ROI performance of Ethereum is not good, and there is a certain decline. The total market value of ERC20 tokens is about 67.31% of the total market value of Ethereum, which has rebounded.