Live capture, delete tweets, this mysterious Twitter account is onlookers

Yesterday, the love story between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters has seen a new story. The @Bitcoin Twitter account that previously supported the BCH community seems to have suddenly changed its stance.

In a few hours, the account deleted hundreds of tweets that support BCH, but strangely, it still retains some tweets related to BCH. In addition, the website (the website that supports BCH) originally added to the homepage of this account has become (a website that supports Bitcoin).


This account also broadcasted three Twitter accounts yesterday, namely Sun Yuchen and Wenkleworth Brothers.

Since the owner of the @Bitcoin account or did not comment on the matter, the community began to open up.

Some people say that this account has been hacked, and some people say that this account has been sold.

There are even conspiracy theories that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the leader of the incident. Dorsey was suspected, largely because of his support for the Lightning Network, which also invested in Lightning Labs. In addition, his Square Cash only supports Bitcoin.

Others believe that this is a review of Blockstream. Blockstream is a technology company that dominates the development of Bitcoin. The CW claiming to be the Bitcoin creator is also suspected, but both the recent and previous tweets published on this account do not match his style.

The value of the @Bitcoin Twitter account is self-evident. This account has reached nearly one million followers. For those who search for cryptocurrency-related content for the first time on the Internet, this account will undoubtedly become their main source of information.

Bitcoin and BCH supporters have their own "territory" on the Internet. Both and /r/Bitcoin support Bitcoin. At the same time, and /r/BTC support BCH. In particular, the two Reddit sub-sections of /r/Bitcoin and /r/BTC are difficult for people who don't understand the community to distinguish between the two.

Previously, Roger Ver was accused of controlling the @Bitcoin account. But from the behavior of this account for the past two days, even if he is really the owner of @Bitcoin, it may have become a past tense.

Ver once said in April last year that he knew the owner of @Bitcoin:

"He supports BCH, which is very famous in the Bitcoin circle, but he does not want to suffer a lot of malicious attacks, so he chooses not to disclose his identity."

It now appears that @Bitcoin seems to be a Bitcoin supporter again.