Nearly 5 million USDTs have two transactions from the currency to OKEx

According to Whale Alert monitoring data, at 11:42:55 Beijing time, nearly 5 million USDTs were transferred from two currencies to OKEx. The specific information is: 1. The initial address of 0x3f5c will transfer 2,499,998 USDT to the beginning of 0xb17a. OKEx address, transaction hash is 0xd25a237e053d06ebe3f33abe28970af39e350e820e680615ef0bb7d12b0b291d. 2. The coin security address at the beginning of 0x5642 transfers 2,499,998 USDT to the OKEx address at the beginning of 0xb17a, and the transaction hash is 0x8d02ae1e8c97eb0cb2798cad9829b313c3cc45f852ea56c4f3410fe4aaa44b1b.