Analysis: The risk of currency depreciation may push up the price risk of Bitcoin

According to Cointelegraph, Spencer Bogart, a partner at investment company Blockchain Capital, said in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday that bitcoin (BTC) would be a safe haven in the long run. However, he has a subtle view of how BTC prices will play a role in various economic events. Bogart believes that the risk of currency depreciation will push up the price of Bitcoin. Bogart said: "I believe that in the long run, Bitcoin will definitely be a safe haven… When the risk of currency devaluation is imminent, Bitcoin will certainly be very attractive. I think this is the latest price increase. Big push factor.” However, Bogart continues to say that he does not believe that BTC will perform well in terms of price during a serious economic crisis. He speculates "When you think about the really serious crisis that is happening, the liquidity crunch and another global financial crisis, I think Bitcoin will be very difficult to do well from a price point of view." Bogart also pointed out In his view, the current situation is not the case. He added that he "does not believe that we are facing a full-blown economic crisis."