Fortress is acquiring the lost bitcoin in Mentougou at a price of $900. The application deadline is August 31.

According to block rhythm BlockBeats, on August 21st, an email received from the victims of the Mt.Gox Mentougou Exchange showed that Fortress Investment Group was acquiring the bitcoin lost by the victims in Mentougou for $900. Based on the total amount displayed in the mail, the price of Bitcoin purchased by Fortress Investment Group is $900. This was twice the price of Bitcoin when the Mentougou Exchange was bankrupt. If the victim agrees, the claim can be received within 3 days of submitting the application. The deadline for application for compensation is August 31st. Earlier, Fortress Investment Group plans to buy Mt Gox creditors' claims at a price of $900 per bitcoin. Matthew Hourigan, managing director of the private equity firm, said he is buying the claims for the company's bitcoin investment vehicle.