Destroy the bitcoin of Nakamoto! In order not to let the "fake books" be awkward, some people suggested

Today, many people on the Internet claim to be "Zhong Ben Cong" deities, such as Craig Wright, Estonian scientists, marketing experts and so on.

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But no matter who Nakamoto is, one thing is certain, that is, he is very rich. It is estimated that there are as many as 1 million bitcoins in Nakamoto's wallet. There are many people who claim that they are the real Nakamoto, which brings great confusion and uncertainty to the entire industry. If Nakamoto does appear and decides to cash all of its bitcoins, or threats to cash, then the bitcoin market is bound to show a huge decline.

Therefore, Paxful founder Ray Youssef came up with an unorthodox solution:

Let us destroy all of the 980,000 bitcoins of Nakamoto.

He added:

Perhaps with the loss of this 1 million bitcoins, we can make those fakers not so crazy.

By destroying all of Bitcoin’s bitcoins, people’s doubts about who is in Nakamoto will vanish. Nakamoto’s currency is gone, so the potential for the bitcoin price is less than one.

Youssef made an appeal to his followers, and @bitcoin investor Roger Ver, Champion CEO Zhao Changpeng and CoinBase CEO Brian Armstrong and others. He wrote:

For those who support me, please reply to 'destroy'.

As of the time of publication, Youssef@'s coin circle has not yet responded.

It is possible to destroy Satoshi’s bitcoin, although the possibility is very small. If the entire network agrees to transfer these bitcoins to another inaccessible account, then Satoshi Nakamoto will never be able to access his wealth. But what Youssef needs to do is to agree with the entire network, otherwise it will lead to the split of the Bitcoin network, while Nakamoto will hold one of the network's bitcoins.

Unsurprisingly, the discussion surrounding Youssef was very intense.

Bitcoin believer Argy Xafis replied:

So, should the creators of Bitcoin get the money? Who might he be, or who was it? This is a totalitarian and egoistic idea.

Mihai Teodosiu, founder of Yakkie Apps, wrote on Twitter:

This is as stupid as Zhao Changpeng decided to roll back the bitcoin blockchain after the hacker attack.

Teodosiu means that Zhao Changpeng realized that he could not reverse the hacking attack suffered by the currency in May by rewriting the bitcoin blockchain.

Leaving aside these arguments, this is not the first major cryptocurrency to undergo such a large-scale transformation. In 2016, when DAO was hacked, Ethereum's blockchain was rewritten, and eventually the stolen funds were taken back from the hacker. This created the current Ethereum blockchain, and those who resolutely opposed this behavior retained the original blockchain in the form of Ethereum Classic. Ethereum is still the second largest cryptocurrency in the market.

Maybe Youssef's idea is not as crazy as you think.