Why do I have to quit the coin, All in shoes?

"You missed the real estate ten years ago. You missed the bitcoin five years ago. Are you still missing the shoes?"

The slogan circulating on the Internet shows the madness of the shoe market. Some people selected 26 popular models in the top 100 sneakers yesterday. The turnover of these 26 sneakers has reached 450 million yuan, exceeding the volume of 9431 companies on the same day.

Last night, a photo of "Wu Yifan's upper foot Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man" ignited the entire shoe loop.

In just one hour, the same sneakers have risen at least five times.

“Thank you Wu Yifan!” Shoemaker Nie Yi, a pair of shoes bought at the original price of 1299 yuan, snorted and sold at a high price of 6,999 yuan.

"A pair of shoes broke through with the play," Nie said. "I have been buying shoes for almost 10 years now. I have not found that I can earn money by buying shoes!"

At this moment, the investors in the currency circle brushed their envy eyes to the shoe circle. In the past six months, only Bitcoin and some exchange platform currencies have gained momentum, even Bitcoin has so far increased by 200%, which is more for those with other currencies. It is "step by step."

Seeing, the bubble of the coin circle is breaking, and the foam of the shoe loop is about to blow up.


Spike the coins

"After 70 stocks, after 80 real estate speculation, 90 after the speculation, after 00 fried shoes."

The word "shoes" is on the Internet, and investors from the currency circle have revealed that Bitcoin has not been able to meet its own needs and has begun to enter the market.

How hot is the shoe market?

"On August 19, remember this day, the sneakers take off on the day." Some investors said. On this day, most of the shoes of Air Jordan and Nike showed a double increase.

The price increase of shoes on August 19 is astounding.

“I am a friend who has fried shoes and earned 50,000 yuan last month. People are in the United States.” Some people said.

"Two days of Weibo, go to search AJ5 ice blue, you know the price of tide shoes, is an exaggerated existence than bitcoin." A Weibo user said.

According to a sneaker dealer of DeepFlow Deep Stream, its 6 WeChat accounts have all filled up with friends, the private domain has already passed 30,000, and it is still increasing rapidly, and the speed is comparable to Weishang.

Yes, the income of fried shoes is higher than that of fried coins. Fried shoes are for the purpose of all the speculators. “Fried shoes make money more than fried coins, and I know that I’m tired of shoes.” A virtual currency investor complained.

When the people in the coin circle are still worried about the dead market and the settlement of the altcoin, the business of the shoes has reached its peak.

A migration of the currency circle to the shoe circle is taking place. “Investing in limited-edition shoes often has several times the benefits, and the entry threshold is particularly low.” The digital currency investor explained the reasons behind it.

In a group of fried shoes, thousands of messages were thrown out in half an hour. At this time, the major communities in the currency circle were either silent or filled with advertisements and ciphers.

"It’s really a busy year, not making money and losing money.” Virtual currency investors have complained, he said that the biggest failure this year is that he has never taken Bitcoin. "There is no skyrocketing bullish currency in the abundance."

Even Bitcoin, in terms of yield, is better than a pair of Nike joints.

The shoe circle even has a trading index

In the shoe circle, double the day is not enough for outsiders. Adidas's 350V2 white zebra coconut with a price of less than 2,000 yuan in 2017, the price of the market is up to 10,000 a week, while the price of Nike's WHITE x Nike Blazer Mid rainbow color matching shoes is only 899 yuan, but the price on Taobao is It was as high as 8,000 yuan.

"As long as it is a joint name, there is no profit after the signing ." Nie said lightly. In his eyes, the currency circle is already a past tense, and the meat cut on those altcoins is slowly being replenished through a pair of shoes.

In the fried shoe circle, “rushing” is a cultural symbol, which means the same as the “stud” of the currency circle.

"Ask is love, love is rushing, rushing is done." A high school student impatiently answered DeepFlow.


The logic of fried shoes

In the shoe loop, there are two kinds of hype logic.

One is to grab shoes through official channels, and then sell in the market to make profit margins; the other is to pull prices through a large number of goods, hot spots, such as the introduction, the price of the same shoes that Wu Yifan passed through immediately rose. .

"You missed the real estate ten years ago. You missed the bitcoin five years ago. Are you still missing the shoes?" This is the slogan of the fried shoes.

Indeed, compared to the banknotes of the banker, the shoe circle is a virgin land that has not yet been harvested – for example, we have not seen the leek to Nike, AJ company rights protection.

In the past year, rights, complaints, and bloodshed have been everywhere in the currency. There are no projects that have not been smashed, just like there are no leeks that have not been cut.

Power is still in the hands of investment institutions, project parties and exchanges.

"The class of the currency circle has solidified. No matter the currency circle or the mining ring, the first batch of rich people have been produced. After entering the market, they will not earn any money, or they will withdraw at a loss." Nie said.

"Fried shoes have a secondary market, do not sell machines. To buy a machine, first go to the relationship does not have a strong relationship, do not contact me to sell the machine." A mining machine dealer said.

A pair of shoes

In the eyes of most of the shoe circles such as Nie Wei, the speculative coins are obsolete and cut the leek.

“The currency groups are discussing fried shoes, or after 00.” An investor said in a group of fried shoes.

"There is no discussion of speculation here."

“Well the shoes well and discuss what to do with the coins.”

Someone immediately retorted. It is reported that both of them were previously "deeply cut" by the currency. One of them said: "The money that was lost in the last year was a return to the book. "

"Fried shoes are constantly on the 1CO. " Virtual currency investor Xiao Yao said that as with the currency, as long as it can provide liquidity, things only provide price scale, but the shoes are poorly liquid, good sitting, and new shoes are on sale, ICO And the winning will be earned.

In addition, the superiority of the fried shoes compared to the speculators is also – "shoes may still be able to go out and force, the coins can not . "

"You can't show off to others that you are the EOS bought by 120." Nie Wei smiled. "But you can tell others that this is 20,000 pieces of AJ5. It's like a collectible."

In the face of the speculative shoe market where the fire is cooking, the speculative coins have become too angry and gradually lose the favor of young people.

Today's currency circle is stepped under the shoe loop and can't lift the head. At the moment, the people of the coin circle, just like the investors who were stepped on the foot of the coin at the beginning of last year.


Looking for a receiver

In essence, speculative and fried shoes are no different. The two roads are the same, and all they do are speculative business.

In a frying shoe community I joined, frequently appearing keywords, such as "chives", "income", "chasing high", "returning to the original", people can't help but think of the currency circle at the beginning of 2018.

From time to time, there is a teacher with a single announcement to attract you to the paid community and get more accurate and reliable investment knowledge.

Confessions of a "single teacher"

"Fried shoes have a single teacher to give you an analysis of the historical trend, and sure enough, and the fried coins are no different." An investor who just entered the shoe circle said.

Nie Wei asked me not to buy shoes before I started school, because the students are buying, the price is too high, "recently you sell is picking up the leek."

Before the shoes were fried, similar things have been performed on digital currency, tulips, postal cards, beeswax, etc. Will the shoe rings repeat the mistakes of their collapse?

"Today's shoe market is like the currency circle before the 1994." Nie told DeepFlow that he believes that the national team is about to enter the market.

"The world is changing too fast. What can young people do not recognize the assets of the older generation?" On a social platform, the analyst meant that the plate could not find the object to be picked up, expressing concern.

"Small young people began to popularize fried shoes, and the middle-aged and old people's fried beeswax, mahogany, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, stamps, and walnuts were not picked up in the future." He said

" There is no good investment in China. There is no way to play the funds. " An investor returned.

A large part of these speculative shoes is actually a fledgling student. Whether they are the flowers of the future, or the next wave of leeks, can be thought-provoking and can only be verified by time.

Text | Bonnie

Source | Deepflow (deep-flow)