Countdown 3 days | 2019 larger than the original global developer conference agenda

2019 officially entered the three-day countdown than the original global developer conference.

In the first year of the original global developer conference, the original chain CEO Duan Xinxing said: "The blockchain is an open source movement with economic incentives. If there are no developers, testers, code submitters around the world, no These technicians who help us to verify, can't have today's achievements than the original chain."

19 years as the first year of 5G application, it is also the first year of commercial chain application for the blockchain field. Security and privacy protection, edge computing, cross-chain trading, Defi, Staking, etc. in the blockchain have become hot spots. topic.

Compared with the original chain as a technology flow public chain project, the pulse blockchain chain will be in the next three days, and will conduct in-depth discussions on a series of hot issues such as blockchain technology innovation, ecological development landing, and digital asset value creation, each speech, each The round table has dry goods and opinions, which will have a certain impact on the future business direction of the blockchain.

The specific agenda of the conference, the theme of the round table can refer to the recent agenda:

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