InfStones will attend 2019 than the original global developer conference, Staking trend share ahead of time | Countdown three days

On August 24th, 2019 will be held in San Francisco, USA, in the finals of the Global Developers Conference Finals and Global Developers Conference.

This open source and open technology event attracted technology experts from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, and Venezuela to meet in San Francisco. Works in a variety of areas, including stable currency payment systems, supply chain finance, contract development tools, and educational technology, will compete for the final title.

Because it is a technology event, the organizers invited influential developers, entrepreneurs, and experts in the industry to share their knowledge of blockchain technology development and industry trends. One of them, InfStones Commercial Director Zhao Sili, will participate in a round-table discussion entitled "Value Creation in the Digital Asset Industry" with Vera-Network, IoTBlock founder Denis Lam, Matrixport founding partner Daniel Port, and Anchain Marketing Manager Steven Yang. . WeChat screenshot_20190821173353

InfStones is a well-known StaaS service provider and currently maintains and monitors more than 100 PoS blockchain projects including EOS, Cosmos, Tezos, Bytom, Ontology, GXChain, TRON, etc., ranking the world in the list provided by StakingRewards. four. Regarding the PoS project and the Staking economy that exploded in 2019, we chatted with Zhao Sili in advance, earning no money, whether there is a future, and why.

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▲InfStones is one of the top ten nodes of the original chain side chain

According to Stakingrewards data, as of August 2019, there were 47 participating Staking projects. The total market value of global crypto assets was approximately US$270 billion. The total market value of participating in Staking was approximately US$16 billion, accounting for approximately 6%. Among them, the total market value of cryptocurrencies participating in Staking is US$6 billion, and the average Staking ratio is 38%.

Based on the static currency price, Staking's new assets for the year is about 21 billion yuan. Based on the 10% share of the node operators, the market for Staking is about 2.1 billion yuan, compared with the annual increase of 620,000 yuan. The plate (about 6.2 billion US dollars) is still small. It's no wonder that node operators have been crying for food and not making money.

Zhao Sili said that InfStones is not likely to make money at every node, but they will not think about the problem of making money from the perspective of legal currency. They will choose nodes in different fields such as cross-chain, logistics, Defi, and the track. It is possible to integrate resources to amortize costs, and at the same time, it is also optimistic about industry development and value the future. "What we are looking at is the prospects of PoS and the advantages of the application scenario," he said.

This is true at all, and the market share of the PoS or DPoS consensus-based public chain is expanding. For example, Ether Square, which transforms PoS, is worth about $30 billion, and Poca and Dfinity can inject another $20 billion. Looking at those who are not full of food, are they putting smoke bombs at their peers?

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▲Staking locks the value of tokens

Zhao Sili regards 2019 as the year of Staking's take-off and is also the year of infrastructure construction. This includes the infrastructure of node operations, as well as security and monitoring services.

"There is not much trading volume in the chain, and the infrastructure requirements are not so high. Once the subsequent applications continue to fall, the transactions increase, and the nodes with poor infrastructure are prone to block and drop. The penalty for nodes is a small matter. The key is If there is a problem with the node, the risk of the investor’s assets will be very large."

Zhao Sili compared Staking to the bank's savings business, and the user saved the money and then returned the interest rate. The difference is that banks can carry out financial services such as lending on deposits, but the node can't use Staking funds, but he believes that there will be some new products coming out, thus providing more gameplay for Staking.

For the future of PoS, Zhao Sili believes that the market for PoS depends not only on market value growth, but also on better performance, wider application scenarios, and higher public acceptance. "The growth of market value and the emergence of products such as Defi can also promote the development of Staking," he said.

This time, the 2019 Bytom Global Blockchain Developers Conference moved from Hangzhou to the United States. As a sixth-ranking consensus node than the original chain, Zhao Sili looked forward to this. He said: "You will not consider the technology behind when you use Google. But this doesn't prevent you from getting what you want. The blockchain application is the same. You don't need to know the technology behind it, but it's very comfortable. The developer contest can mobilize the community's enthusiasm and make good ideas become ground-based applications. This is a good development path."

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