Cryptopia Liquidator Grant Thornton: The exchange does not use a personal encryption wallet

The stolen exchange Cryptopia liquidator Grant Thornton issued a statement on its website on Wednesday saying that Cryptopia did not use a personal encryption wallet, but instead pooled customer funds into a hybrid cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, the liquidator faces difficulties in determining the amount of money held by the client. In addition, Grant Thornton said it must manually coordinate the combined wallet data and customer data information. A related expert said: "We are working hard to coordinate the accounts of more than 900,000 customers, many of whom have multiple encryption assets, millions of transactions and more than 400 different encryption assets. These data must be coordinated one by one. Earlier, Cryptopia, the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange, has filed for US bankruptcy protection after hacking losses of $16 million in January this year. On August 21, Cryptopia posted on its Twitter about user assets and platforms. A statement of the steps taken on the basis of the statement that they have successfully acquired data stored in the Arizona data center and have begun to transfer funds to the "secure non-hacking environment" wallet created after the January hacking.