Big event | Tether is about to launch RMB stable currency

Summary: Anchoring the stable currency CNHT of offshore RMB.

Who would have thought that Bitfinex and Tether were simultaneously investigated by the Office of the Attorney General of New York, and they would still reach out to the RMB field.

Just now, DGroup founder and Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong released a circle of friends, saying that Tether will issue CNHT and anchor the stable currency of offshore RMB. At the same time, Zhao Dong also said that RenrenBit will open the transaction and recharge the cash withdrawal in the first time.


In response, Tether will issue a stable currency anchoring offshore renminbi. Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan said that Chinese regulators may be angered by the move, hoping this will not have a negative impact on Tether. .

At the same time, Dovey Wan also claimed that “the measure is not very realistic. The deposit of offshore RMB is the same as that of the US dollar. Onshore RMB deposits to BTC or USDT are supported by P2P OTC personnel. Stabilizing coins No matter what kind of currency, it is difficult to have USDT an order of magnitude liquidity, not to mention the renminbi as a collateral for secondary assets. I don't know what it means to do so."

Regarding the “RMB Stabilizing Coin”, in September 2018, an institution claimed to issue the “first RMB stable currency”, which also anchored the offshore RMB. However, afterwards, many media reported that the "first RMB stable currency" was doubtful. However, if Tether can successfully issue the stable currency CNHT anchoring offshore renminbi, it will undoubtedly further consolidate its position in the stable currency market.