Telegram plans to open the TON network beta on September 1st, and the main network will go online before the end of October.

On August 21st, Telegram's blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON) Chinese community said that the TON core code has been basically completed. It is planned to open beta on September 1 and open the full-node code and network verification module. The TON Chinese community said it will be the last test version before the TON main online line, and the TON main network will go live before October 31 according to the agreement. In May this year, Chain Wen reported that Telegram said in the mail that the test of the TON network has started in March this year. The test shows that the TON virtual machine and Byzantine consensus algorithm can achieve the goals listed in the white paper. In addition, the Telegram team officially released a document describing the programming language called "Fift", which will be used to create and manage smart contracts on the TON blockchain. In February of this year, the Telegram team said that the development of the TON network had been completed 90%. At the time, there were media reports that the Telegram team was already negotiating with some Asian virtual currency exchanges. The original token GRAM of the TON network is very likely. Choose to trade on fire coins, currency security and OKEx. Telegram raised $1.7 billion for the Telegram Open Network through private placements, including Benchmark, Sequoia and KPCB.