Observations | Several famous schools have become blockchain harvesting amaranth tools?

Tsinghua University, Peking University, Stanford University, cryptography experts, Turing Award, Nobel Prize in Economics, well-known scholars…

When these glamorous titles were added to the project, the team first attracted a group of people who blindly worship famous schools. The overwhelming packaging and propaganda made many investors flock to try to get on the rich train.

The most striking thing this year is Algorand, a project with Turing Award winners. With strong propaganda and novel Dutch auctions, a group of fans are gathered, but after the project goes online, the price is bleak. Let it be disheartened, can only helplessly leave.

Such an example is not a case. It also comes to the cloud, the planet, the hero chain, the car chain… These projects have been fascinated by the founders. I just didn't expect that, in the end, the endorsement of famous schools was a weapon to help them harvest the leeks.

1. Elastos also comes to the cloud (Tsinghua)

Elastos (also to the cloud), which was publicly funded in 2017 and launched on the line in 2018, has made three rounds of recruitment, totaling 6,960 BTCs (including 460 angels, 4,000 private rounds, and 2,500 public offerings).

As a star project in 2018, it also attracted much attention at the beginning of the cloud, and the background of the two founders' colleges and universities made the project attract everyone's attention.

Chen Hao, who graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University in 1982, is not only the founder of Yilaiyun, but also the chairman of the Yelai Foundation. Compared with Chen Hao, Han Feng, another founder of the project, has a more vivid resume.

Han Feng, Ph.D. student in quantum physics at Tsinghua University, the ultimate producer of the Bitcoin Foundation, was the project leader of the “Network-based (Big Data)-based Innovative Talent Evaluation and Selection” project of Tsinghua University's 15th Plan, Asia Blockchain DACA Association Secretary-General.

Under the envelope of the founder's famous school, everything looks high-end and beautiful. Thousands of leeks have also been “on the set”. With the blind worship of the founders, they have purchased a large number of tokens from the secondary market.

On October 25, 2018, hundreds of defenders jointly issued the "White Paper on the Rights and Interests of the Elastos Project", which counted the "eight major crimes" of the cloud to carry out collective rights protection.

  • 1. Private recruitment of small group events;
  • 2. Feel free to change the proportion of private placements, promise no public offerings, and then launch public offerings abroad;
  • 3. The founder released a good deal, and the group shouted a single take-up, and he cashed in at a high level;
  • 4. Violating the spirit of the White Paper, unilaterally changing 16 million short-term tokens into an investment ecology;
  • 5. Unrestrained release of ELA to the market, the investment of ecological projects has exposed the high-level slap in the face;
  • 6. To unilaterally overthrow the rights of the project owned by the investors in the locked warehouse, and to establish a separate committee for the governance;
  • 7. Reject the details of the use of public funds, the address of the eco-investment wallet, and the amount of the amount;
  • 8. The founder Chen Hao made a statement and unilaterally unlocked the angel share in advance, ignoring the interests of small and medium investors.

From the non-small data, ELA has indeed had a glory after its launch, especially in mid-February 2018, reaching its peak, hitting a maximum of 650 yuan, but today, the price of the cloud is only 19 Around the yuan, the overall decline was close to 97%.


2. ICST (Tsinghua)

Li Xiaolai was the ICST of the platform. It is said that the founder was Zhou Yahui, a graduate of the Department of Precision Instruments of Tsinghua University, and a master's degree. He founded Kunlun Wanwei.

According to the ICST white paper, ICST's goal is to be a video-sharing platform that stores, shares, and protects digital creative content to maintain creators, reduce transaction costs, and create a shared ecosystem of efficient revenue.

It seems that the target is very clear, but from the market performance, since ICST launched FCoin in July last year, the price of coins has continued to plummet. It only fell 25% on November 19, and fell 95% in the last four months. Now, the price has approached zero.


Those who believe in Zhou Yahui’s investment myths have paid a heavy price.

3. Krypton's Planet (Tsinghua)

Krypton (氪星球), which went online at 12 noon on August 1st, has many core members from Tsinghua University.

According to the white paper, project sponsor Mike Lee graduated from Tsinghua University's basic science class. Core team member Cakra Gai graduated from the Department of Biology at Tsinghua University, while another core team member, Tom Guo, graduated from the Computer Science Department of Harbin Institute of Technology.

However, even the gathering of prestigious schools can not stop the bleak performance of the project. The opening price on August 1 was 0.012 USDT. As of the date of publication, the price of the currency was 0.0033 USDT. In just 20 days, the price fell by nearly 73. %.


4, TRON wave field (Peking University)

Sun Yuchen, founder of the wave field, graduated from the history department of Peking University. However, since the project was launched, in addition to Sun Yuchen's personal controversy, the wave field created especially has been controversial.

Earlier, some people questioned the following major problems in the wave field and Sun Yuchen:

1. White Paper Plagiarism, Wave Field (TRX) White Paper partly copies the framework of Ethereum and Kademlia, partially copying the IPFS and Filecoin white papers.

2. Code plagiarism In June 2018, researchers at Digital Asset Research (DAR) discovered multiple code instances copied from other projects in the Tron codebase.

3. In addition, V God is Sun Yuchen's key "touch porcelain" object: BitTorrent "Avocado" event, let time TRON and Ethereum split at the same time… Let's review the price trend of the wave currency TRX. At the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency collective carnival will make TRX reach its peak in January 2018, about 0.1951USDT, which is about 130 times higher than the crowdfunding price of 0.0015USDT. The market value of circulation is also 13 billion. The US dollar, however, quickly plummeted. As of now, the price of the wavefield currency is 0.017096USDT, a drop of 91%.


At the beginning of this year, the wave field announced the cooperation with the shared bicycle brand oBike in Singapore to launch the token OCN. The opening price was once the market value reached 70.62 million US dollars, but as of now, the price is 0.0013 USDT. Compared with the crowdfunding price of 0.12 USDT, OCN has now plunged 98%, almost zero.

5, HeroChain hero chain (Peking University)

It is understood that HeroChain, who was once a large number of investors, was also named Liu Hongyuan, the founder of the hero chain. He was also a famous school and was once admitted to Peking University and Peking University graduate students.

According to the white paper, the hero chain is a Gamble as a Service (GaaS) gaming service ecosystem, dedicated to providing legal gambling and entertainment basic technical services to the world. The vast prospects and fascinating background have confuse many investors.

The heroic chain that once attracted all kinds of publicity was smashed after a short-term launch. The final project chose to run, the price of the currency was zero, the currency was removed from the exchange, and countless participants were trapped.

In May 2018, CCTV News named the hero chain, referring to its fraudulent fraud in the name of tokens. On April 25 this year, 21 suspects in the hero chain ushered in trial, 15 were detained in criminal detention, 9 of them were arrested, and 6 others were arrested. Liu Hongyuan also ushered in his own end.

Now the hero chain token has been returned to zero.


6, Hcash Super Cash (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Hcash Super Cash, also known as "red meat", was launched on June 28, 2016. Xu Zijing, the founder of the project, publicly shouted in Weibo in November 2017. The braised pork did not rise to 1000 live broadcast at the end of the year. However, the content of the Weibo is now queried and it has been found that this content has already been deleted.


Nowadays, there are very few community users. This project, which has been held as a star by the currency circle, has now disappeared.

In fact, there was a lot of controversy at the beginning of this project. The early brainwashing propaganda and pulling-up caused numerous retail investors to be severely locked up and suffered serious losses.

According to the market website, the highest price of the project token has reached 40USDT, and the current price is 2.9USDT, a drop of nearly 93%.


7. QTUM Quantum Chain (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

The quantum chain that was launched on March 16, 2017, once known as one of the three major public chains in China, was once the hottest ICO project in China. This star lineup team is aiming to create a public chain that replaces Ethereum. Xue Manzi, Chen Weixing, Shen Bo, Xu Mingxing and so on.

On the official website, the introduction of the founding team is as follows: Shuai Chu, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences; Dong Baiqiang, graduated from Peking University; Qi Weiyu, graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Chen Jun, graduated from Anhui University; He Huaming, graduated from Huazhong Science and Technology University; Zhong Wenbin, Master of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lv Yi, Master of Laws, Renmin University of China; Li Rozi, graduated from Communication University of China; Chen Shengji, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Li Zezhen, graduated from Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications… a gathering of prestigious schools and a luxurious lineup.

However, even so, the price of the quantum chain is not as glorious as expected. From the chart below, the highest price of the quantum chain is 106.87USDT, the lowest price is 1.5USDT, and the current price is around 2.5USDT, a drop of 98.5%.


8, BCD bit diamond (Shaanxi Teachers)

Yang Linke, the founder of BCD Bit Diamond, graduated from the Mathematics Department of Shaanxi Normal University. Bit Diamond is a fork coin of Bitcoin and was launched on November 16, 2017.

At that time, Bitcoin was hardly forked by the team, and many users got the corresponding tokens. Due to the high expectations of bit diamonds, many investors took the high position and bought a large number of BCDs, but the losses were heavy.

It is understood that the highest price of bit diamond is 122USDT, the current price is 0.7USDT, a drop of nearly 99%.


9, VVshare car chain (Zhejiang University)

Founder of VVshare, Chen Weixing, founder of Pancheng Capital, fast taxi founder, graduated from Zhejiang University.

On May 27, 2018, at the exchange meeting held by the Guizhou National Fair, the founder of the fast, the founder of Pancheng Investment, Chen Weixing, the former US co-founder and the founder of Skyline Venture Capital, Yang Jun revealed that the district will be launched. Blockchain taxi platform. Chen Weixing said at the meeting that he wanted to start with a taxi application and build a life service platform through blockchain technology.

Since the announcement of the launch of the "taxis chain" on May 27, the outside world has been very concerned about this. At the blockchain conference held in Wuzhen in June, Chen Weixing announced that he would build a complete blockchain economic sharing platform VVshare with the US Mission Yang Jun. First, start with the VVGO in the field of taxis that Chen Weixing is good at. At the meeting, VVGO's development route map was also released, indicating that there will be three cities in the world in early August to launch VVGO. Today, there is no news. And there is no slight movement on the official platforms. VVshare's official website has not yet published a white paper.

As the founder of China's first taxi application, “Quick Taxi”, Chen Weixing is also a business leader. In the past, he belonged to a relatively low-key type. However, this year’s re-emergence in the public’s field of vision has opened up a high-profile and sultry model. The suspicion is great.

In February 2018, Chen Weixing began to roar the crowds of the currency circle. First, the behavior of Zhu Xiaohu and the eagle to join the "anti-war blockchain alliance" was only to blow out the popularity and cut the leeks to make money. Zhu Xiaohu is not willing to criticize Chen Weixing for his low level of cognition. Chen Weixing has no good thoughts when he returns to Zhu Xiaohu.

In April, Chen Weixing started crazy diss EOS again. In May, EOS was a blockchain tumor.

The long-lasting mutual war between Chen Weixing and Li Xiaolai is a pastime for everyone after a meal.

On September 27, 2018, some media rumors: "The former US co-founder and taxi chain partner Yang Jun has left the project." Although this rumor was denied by Chen Weixing, the news about the "training progress" It is like the sandstone that sinks into the sea. For this reason, many media have issued a statement that "the taxi chain has been aborted."

As of press time, no new developments in the project have been found.

The world is bustling, all for the benefit of the world, the world is awkward, all for profit. This should teach and educate people, and Ze’s colleges and universities in the four sides are also contaminated with copper smell in the face of the huge interest of “speculative” cryptocurrency.

People who are stunned by the "single-hearted read-only sages", who cut off the leeks are not at all soft, but also surprised that the success of the blockchain project created by elite elites is still in the minority.

Perhaps in the choppy blockchain era, the endorsement of elite schools and elites is nothing more than just making the paper data of these projects more beautiful.

It will not be decisive for its success.

After all, the legend of Algorand, who has a Turing Award winner background, has not yet gone.

Text / 31QU Lan Jie, Zhi Jie