"Don't speculate, let's go to the shoes."

In 2019, the vents were pitiful. Under the support of the star effect and hunger marketing, the sneakers successfully circled and became the biggest hype of the year.

How hot is the fried shoes?

Some people calculated that only 26 popular items were selected in the top 100 shoes, and the transaction amount has reached 45.425 million yuan. The turnover of the new three boards on that day was only 389.94 million yuan, and 26 shoes won tens of thousands of shares . The fiery new three board was so ruthlessly mocked.

"Older stocks, middle-aged people speculating in coins, and young people's shoes" have become a new generation of consensus. Nowadays, in the major communities, the players in the currency circle have made a joke: "Don’t speculate, let’s go to the shoes.”

If you want to ask the shoes to be sizzling, they will answer you: "Don't ask, ask is love, ask is rushing."

This kind of enthusiasm is exactly the same as the 2017 currency circle IC0. "May be going up" is something that every player who enters the game knows.

How are the shoes fried?

Sneaker culture is a product of the 1920s and has been a minority culture for hundreds of years. In the past, there was also the phenomenon of speculating shoes, but only in the circle, and most of them joined this line in order to wear and sell.

In the past two years, with the popular broadcast of "China has hip hop" and "this is street dance", it has given the trend of trend culture. The ordinary shoes incorporate a lot of elements of fashion, independence and individuality, and also pursue individuality. The young people are eating this set, and the shoe dealers are welcoming the spring.

In 2019, fried shoes have become a game of capital . Nowadays, the way and scale of shoes are very different from before. Many gameplays are familiar to the people in the currency circle.

So in the current popular shoes game, what role do the participants play, and how do investors participate?

In general, the market for fried shoes is mainly divided into four roles:

Project side: Nike Adi and other shoe manufacturers

Token: various limited shoes

Investors: Sneakers, shoe dealers and purely fried shoes party

Exchange: trading platform for poison, Nice, bullfighting, etc.

Of course, the way this ecology works is also simple:

In the first step, manufacturers regularly launch "limited + topic" shoes.

In order to make the shoes look special enough, the manufacturers will rack their brains to add various meanings to the shoes, such as cooperation with other international street cards, celebrity endorsements, etc. Of course, the most important point is that the amount is small.

In the second step, the shoes enter the “primary market”.

At this time, lottery and lottery are not patents for buying a house or buying a license plate. It has become a weapon for hunger marketing of major sneaker manufacturers. There is no back door here. We can only look forward to the goddess of luck, which is the same as the IEO market this year. "Getting it is to earn it."

In the third step, the shoes flow into the “secondary market”, where sneaker lovers, shoe dealers and investors gather here.

The original fried shoes are more of a trade between shoe sellers and sneakers. Now with the rise of poison and Nice apps, it provides a hotbed for fried shoes.

In order to make the shoes flow faster, the platform also supports “hosting” – sending the shoes directly to the platform for storage, so as not to send the time to delay the shoes. This is the reason why you directly deposit the currency in the exchange instead of your own. The same as the wallet.

Some apps even open the "shoes exchange", price trends, handicap, volume, etc. at a glance, like telling everyone "soil shoes, we are serious."

Of course, there is no free lunch in the world. If you want to get money from the fried shoes, you have to at least make yourself a half-shoe expert and find out what shoes are out of stock and what are hot. Otherwise, some shoes are rare. If there is no topic, even the original price may not be sold.

In addition, you have to guard against "the dealer to do the game" . These people hold a lot of money, while sweeping the goods everywhere, while spreading the information of "shoes seeking" in the shoe platform, community, and INS, the market is tight. Sit directly from the ground, up 5 times, 10 times have people come to pick up.

Everything can be fried

Nowadays, those who refuse to join the army of fried shoes firmly believe that "shoes are used for wearing, not for frying." However, all kinds of hype in the past tell everyone that everything can be fried , but this time it is the turn of shoes.

At the beginning of 2000, there was a saying in the market: "Fried orchids make more money than drug trafficking."

A special orchid can buy a villa directly, and even a rare variety can sell tens of millions.

Farmers, teachers, business owners, and government officials all joined the ranks of plucking orchids and entering the city to fry orchids. Some criminals even killed all three of the Lanshang family in order to steal orchids.

The bloody smell of orchids was finally stopped by the state. After the foam was broken, the orchids originally exchanged for the villas could not be replaced with a pair of shoes.

In 2005, there was another wave of hurricane in the country. This type of dog breed has a large temper and a large amount of food. It is crazy and even the owner is taking a bite, but still can't resist the hype. A good Tibetan mastiff is fired. Tens of millions of such "living luxury goods" are often used as gifts and bribes.

However, with the introduction of anti-corruption policies, the tide of speculation has faded. Due to the intractable and dangerous nature, many Tibetan mastiffs have been directly discarded, and some have been sold to dog butchers at a price of 10 yuan per catty.

Since then, the country has also set off a variety of operational enthusiasm, Pu'er tea, jade, Cordyceps … whether it is eaten, drunk, or worn, used, everything can become the target of capital speculation.

The current trend of fried shoes is strong, the price of these shoes has risen fiercely, nothing more than scarce.

And this scarcity is artificially made, and it is not too difficult to break. Even if Nike and Adi don't secretly increase production, the bosses of the Putian department will not sit still, and they will be tempted by this rising range.

Some platforms have even opened the "shoes service" in order to prove that the circulation is real. But we think about it carefully, the platform sells shoes and the shoes are used again . The loopholes of this mechanism are not too obvious. The characteristics of small market capacity, fast product update, and slow return of funds are also curbing the heat of the shoes.


The rise of fried shoes also confirmed the words of Mark Twain:

"History will not repeat itself, but will hold the same rhyme."

In the eyes of people who have experienced ICO, IEO, and model currency booms, there are too many similarities between the way of speculating shoes and speculative coins. Many games are used in the fire. Now, the two are broken each other. "Shoe currency" , slogan I have thought about it: "The sneakers are traceable to the source of anti-counterfeiting, free and convenient and can be divided."

Some people say that speculation is not as good as speculating shoes. At least the shoes will not be returned to zero, and they will only "fall through" – they will wear them when they fall. But in fact, for those who love speculation, whether it is shoes or coins, the target is not important at all. As long as it is profitable, even the air must be fried.

Finally, regardless of the speculative currency, the shoes are also good, borrowing Soros’s classic quote –

“To gain wealth, the practice is to recognize the illusion, invest in it, and then quit the game before the illusion is recognized by the public.”