More than the original chain CTO: "One main multi-side" mode makes "impossible triangle" possible

On August 21st, the "POW'ER 2019 Global Developers Conference" hosted by Mars Finance was held in Beijing. Compared with the original chain chief technology officer, he said in the speech entitled “The Future of Blockchain: Bystack One Main Multi-Side Architecture”, the side chain does not create value, only delivers value, has better scalability and more efficient processing. The ability to link different chain side chains of “homogeneous” and “heterogeneous” requires mutual trust and perfect management capabilities of the participants. He pointed out that the "one main and multiple side" model makes the blockchain "impossible triangle" into a "possible triangle". In Bystack's "one main multi-side" model, the main chain uses the PoW consensus mechanism to achieve decentralization, and the side chain uses the BBFT consensus mechanism to achieve high scalability. He also introduced three features of the Long Bystack architecture: 1. Main side isolation. The main chain and the side chain have no relationship, and any occurrence of the side chain does not affect the stability of the main chain; 2. Side isolation. Side-side isolation is the protection of privacy, while the sidechains can be retrofitted to different business logic and applications. 3. Federal management. The federation is composed of multiple parties, and the business side does not have the corresponding main side chain management rights. Its design features are joint management, fast access, low cost, continuous revenue through value-added services and transaction fees.