Matrixport will attend the 2019 than the original global developer conference to explore the future of digital asset trading

Dongwang Treasure Island, west of the Golden Gate Bridge, is located in the Cowell Theater in the center of Masonsburg, San Francisco, USA. It is a world-class bay landscape theatre. In the theater, the red and bright stepped seats are like the cards in the hands of the magician, infiltrating the mysterious and rich artistic atmosphere.

On August 24, 2019, the "2019 than the original global developer conference" will be held here.

Blockchain developers, technology leaders, heads of investment and research institutions, experts and scholars in the fields of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things from around the world gathered here to discuss the topic of blockchain technology and digital assets.

This is destined to be a science conference with a modern aesthetic.

As one of the guests at the conference, Matrixport partner Daniel Yan will participate in a roundtable forum entitled “Investing in the Future: Discovering from Investment”.


The picture shows Daniel Yan

Matrixport is a digital asset financial platform newly founded by Bit Continental Co-founders Wu Jihan and Ge Yueyu. It aims to provide users with one-stop digital asset trading, lending and hosting services. Matrixport is also receiving industry attention due to its background in Bitco.

Two days before the opening of the conference, we chatted briefly with Daniel Yan about his personal experiences and the current status and future of digital asset trading.

Daniel Yan is a partner at Matrixport and is primarily responsible for trading . He has 8 years of experience in foreign exchange derivatives trading at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Group. He joined Bitcoin in 2018, and started digital currency trading from 0 to 1, and brought trading business to Matrixport in early 2019.

"I personally entered the digital currency field is relatively late. It should be in the first half of 2017, bitcoin rose from 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan. As a trader, I was naturally interested to understand. So I went to Princeton on a Princeton." University courses – "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" , are increasingly interested in digital currencies."

Matrixport has a close relationship with Bitland. Most of its founding team members are from Bitland, and Ge Yue is the CEO. Wu Jihan is a major investor. Talking about the acquaintance with Wu Jihan , Daniel Yan said,

"I have known the cold, but I don't know much. In the second half of 2017, we have seen several times. I learned about the digital currency industry and Bitcoin and introduced him to the foreign exchange and derivatives industries. 2018 After the Spring Festival, I was invited to Beijing to see several founders of Bittland, deeply infected by their entrepreneurial stories and enthusiasm, and later joined the Bittland."

In a speech in March this year, Xiao Feng, chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, said that digital assets have undergone technical tests ten years ago, and now financial institutions are acceptable to formal financial institutions, and future digital assets will be new. The core "asset" of finance.

For the current status of the digital asset trading market , Daniel Yan believes that the market is still dominated by speculators and traders.

"Although we have talked about 'institutional admissions' for more than a year, in fact, there are still only a small number of family funds, and they are actually entering the digital currency market from the perspective of investors. The large amount of traditional investment institutions has not yet entered the market. From the perspective of market liquidity, the liquidity of mainstream digital currencies is significantly better, because many traditional high-frequency quantitative funds have entered the market in the past year, increasing the trading volume of market making. The long-term development is of course beneficial."

For the future of the digital asset trading market , he said that there are three main changes: institutionalization, compliance, and diversification of investment categories. He highlighted the “diversification of investment categories”.

“Investment diversification means that we believe there will be more funds, wealth management products and financial derivatives in the market. These new products can better serve the investment needs of the currency-holding customers. In the long run, the digital currency assets will be made. A little more investment attributes, less trading attributes. "

In addition to this, Daniel Yan will share his unique insights on digital asset investment at this conference. Want to know more about it? Come and watch the "2019 than the original global developer conference", the official website:

In addition, the final results of the 2019 Global Blockchain Development Competition will be announced on the same day. Teams from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Venezuela and other countries will participate in the competition. Coin payment system, supply chain finance, contract development tools, education technology and other technical and commercial works.

The agenda of the latest conference is as follows:

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