Two years ago, two years after VS: Is CNBC's cryptocurrency asset allocation map useful?

CNBC, the mainstream media in the United States, is very keen on reporting cryptocurrencies and is also a well-known counter-indicator in the circle. Senior investor Brian Kelly often shares information about cryptocurrency investments on CNBC's show. In August 2017, it published a distribution map of cryptocurrency investments. Today, two years later, some netizens calculated the final income according to this picture… The results are as follows:

I don't know when it started, CNBC and other mainstream media began to promote the idea of ​​holding multiple cryptocurrencies. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea to invest in a variety of different digital assets to minimize risk when one of the assets fails. But is this a wise suggestion? Let's take a look at the rate of return of Brian Kelly's cryptocurrency portfolio announced on CNBC on August 16, 2017. According to the chart below, we assume that the principal of this portfolio is $10,000.


We took a historical snapshot of August 20, 2017 from and intercepted the price of August 19 in the same way (original published on the evening of August 19, 2019).


Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for 30% ($3,000 or 73,391,623 Cong [1] )


(It seems pretty good)

August 20, 2017 Price: 4087.66 US dollars

$3,000 can buy 73,171,623 Cong

August 19, 2019 Price: $10,907.84

You are currently holding a BTC worth $8005.44

According to the price, your holdings have not changed. Ethereum (ETH) accounts for 15% ($1,500 or 366,958,1)


(A bit miserable)

August 20, 2017 Price: $301.43

$1,500 for $4.9762797 ETH

August 19, 2019 Price: 201.26 US dollars (33.23%)

The ETH you hold is now worth $1001.53

According to the price of smart: 9181708 Cong (down 74.98%)

You lost 27514103 Cong Ethereum Classic (ETC) accounts for 15% ($1,500 or 36,958,911)


(I'm fine, I am fine)

August 20, 2017 Price: $13.89

$1,500 can buy 107.99136069 ETC

August 19, 2019 Price: $5.55 (down 60.04%)

The ETC you hold is now worth $599.35

Converted to BTC: 5494691 Sat (decreased 85.03%)

You lost 31201121 Cong Zcash (ZEC) accounts for 10% ($1,000 or 24,463,874)


(going out)

August 20, 2017 Price: $241.07

$1,000 can buy 4.14817273 ZEC

August 19, 2019 Price: 54.08 US dollars (a decrease of 77.57%)

The ZEC you hold is now worth $224.33

Converted into BTC: 2056623 Cong (down 91.59%)

You lost 22,407,251 Cong Monroe (XMR) accounts for 10% ($1,000 or 24,463,874)


(This smile is called hope)

August 20, 2017 Price: $54.71

$1000 can buy 18.27819411 XMR

August 19, 2019 Price: 88.85 US dollars (up 62.4%)

The XMR you hold is now worth $1624.02

Converted into BTC: 14888535 Cong (down 39.14%)

You lost 9575339 Cong Ruibo (XRP) accounts for 10% ($1,000 or 24,463,874)



August 20, 2017 Price: $0.16

$1000 can buy 6250 XRP

August 19, 2019 Price: $0.28 (up 75%)

The XRP you hold is now worth $1,750.

Converted into BTC: 16043506 Cong (down 34.42%)

You lost 8420368 Cong Metal (MTL) accounts for 5% ($500 or 12,231,937)


(mad screaming)

August 20, 2017 Price: $9.36

$500 can buy 53.41880342 MTL

August 19, 2019 Price: $0.34 (down 96.37%)

The MTL you hold is now worth $18.16

Converted to BTC: 166508 Cong (decreased 98.64%)

You lost 12065429 Cong IOTA accounts for 5% ($500 or 12231937)


(Okay, don't say it)

August 20, 2017 Price: $0.94

$500 can buy 531.91489362 IOTA

August 19, 2019 Price: 0.25 US dollars (down 73.4%)

The IOTA you hold is now worth $132.98

Converted into BTC: 1219111 Cong (decline 90.03%)

You lost 11012826 Cong Portfolio summary:

Initial investment amount on August 20, 2017: USD 10,000

Current value of the portfolio: $13,355.81 (up 33.56%)

Converted to BTC, two years ago: 244638742 Cong; two years later: 122442305 Cong

You lost 122,1964,37, which is 49.95% of your BTC's holdings. What have we learned from it? First, in terms of dollars, your portfolio has made a profit. Your initial investment of $10,000 has now grown to $13,355.81. Some people may think it is not bad. So where do these benefits come from?

Three currencies give you dollars in revenue: BTC, XMR, and XRP. Bitcoin gives you a net profit of $5005.44. Ripple only brought you $250, and Monroe brought you even less, only $124.02. All other currencies cost you up to $302.65. The gains from Monroe and Ripple can barely cover these losses, and the only reason you remain profitable is the high allocation of Bitcoin in your portfolio.

On August 20, 2017, $4,460,742 BTC or 244,638,742 can be purchased for $10,000. If you follow the CNBC portfolio, you will lose 1.22196437 BTCs, but if you invest all in Bitcoin, your portfolio will be worth $26,684.80.

The growth of dollar income can easily blind your eyes, letting you take it for granted that everything is fine. In fact, every kind of competitive coin is behind the "blood" Cong, and Bitcoin is the only currency that can give you "hemostasis" while giving you "blood transfusion".

During the crazy bull market in 2017, I felt an uncomfortable feeling and felt that something was wrong. At that time, a large number of new currencies were produced every day, and the price of each coin was skyrocketing… This did not make any sense. This led me to a path of understanding Bitcoin's supremacy.

Although I fully support the free market and competition, I think it is necessary to clarify this trend. To be honest, throwing a dice in a junk casino is purely “fashionable” and will only let you “throw away” half (or more) bitcoin. In the words of Matt Odell of TFTC (Bitcoin Blog):

“When counting in bitcoin, everything tends to zero.”

1. Sats is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, 1 BTC=0.000000001 Cong.