Countdown to two days | Harmony will attend the 2019 than the original global developer conference to discuss the current challenges and trends of the public chain

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On August 24th, the 2nd than the original Global Developers Conference Finals and Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco, USA. This open source and open technology event attracted technology experts from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, and Venezuela to meet in San Francisco. Works in a variety of areas, including stable currency payment systems, supply chain finance, contract development tools, and educational technology, will compete for the final title.

This conference is the second time to hold the blockchain global developer conference than the original chain. The conference invited a number of heavy guests to attend, including Matrixport partner Daniel, ETC Labs director Darin, MATPool CTO Jin Lei, and Celer co-founder Dong Mo. Nancy of Multiplied, Naveed, head of engineering research at Algorand, Nick White, co-founder of Harmony, Wang Hao, inventor of BBFT consensus algorithm, and Will, the investment director of Yingxintai Capital.

Currently, the General Assembly has entered a two-day countdown. Harmony co-founder Nick White, one of the guests, was invited to attend the annual technology event than the original chain. He will discuss the current challenges and trends of the public chain at the roundtable forum, along with the original chain chief architect James, ETC Labs director Darin Kotalik and Algorand engineering research leader Naveed Ihsanullah. Recently, we interviewed Nick White. The following is an interview record:

Q1: Can you briefly introduce your project?

Nick: Harmony is a new generation of high-performance blockchains based on technologies such as sharding, focused on providing a trusted, reliable and efficient infrastructure for the decentralized economy. As a fast and secure blockchain, it is designed to support next-generation distributed applications. The Harmony protocol overcomes two major challenges that have plagued existing blockchains: the inability to scale and the cost. Our team consists of consecutive entrepreneurs from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford and elite engineers from Google, Apple and Amazon.

Q2: Please share with us the latest developments in your project?

Nick: On June 1st, Harmony conducted the IEO on the Binance Launchpad. In the latter part of the month, the team launched the first phase of the main network, including block rewards and more than 200 external nodes. Since then, high-performance blockchain Harmony has announced its participation in the acquisition of Quidd, the world's largest digital collectible platform, with more than 200,000 users and 2.1 billion unique serial digital collections. In August of this year, Harmony launched the incentive test network Pangaea, an experimental game continent, and we received registrations from more than 2,000 users in more than 80 countries. In addition, Harmony was selected as the "monthly draft" by Simetri Research and entered the shortlist of Coinbase.

Q3: What plans do you have for your project in the near future?

Nick: Harmony is actively pursuing the development of a rich and distributed verification ecosystem and increasing the global liquidity of our tokens. At the same time, we have included key partners in key use cases in games, decentralized finance and data sharing. Our strategy is to leverage our high-throughput and low-cost scalable chain to find existing applications that fit a large user base with powerful blockchain-use cases and bring them to Harmony.

Q4: As a guest of Bytom Devcon 2, what are your expectations for the upcoming roundtable forum?

Nick: I am very happy to discuss with team members from other blockchains and listen to them sharing the ecosystem of how to build community experiences and how to apply them. Harmony takes the position that even if we are from different projects, we are all part of the same encryption ecosystem, so we should share and learn from each other and promote the development of the entire blockchain industry.

Q5: What are your expectations for Bytom Devcon 2?

Nick: There will be many developers and potential partners in the future on Bytom Devcon 2. I look forward to meeting them and hope that everyone can build the Harmony ecosystem together.

More than the original Global Developers Conference provides a stage for developers, and many emerging technology enthusiasts can use this platform to bring creative innovation to life. August 24, San Francisco, USA, many technology leaders, blockchain industry experts and scholars, the world's top geeks, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technical elites and scholars as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors Will gather together to explore the blockchain in multiple dimensions. At present, the conference has entered a two-day countdown, and friends from the United States are welcome to sign up!

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