Data show: BTC/USD Coinbase has a negative premium for Bitfinex

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on August 22, BTC price is $9,942.87, market value is $177,466.22M; mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $1,115.80M, an increase of 7.74% from yesterday; BTC active address number continues Rising, the trading volume on the chain has a certain decline; in today's market volatility, BTC fell below $10,000, but the market value ratio remained stable, currently about 68.79%; BTC release time is about 10.5min; BTC 30-day ROI has more Large fluctuations, but better than other mainstream currency performance; in terms of futures, BTC short positions have declined slightly; on the exchange side, BTC/USD Coinbase has a full negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex, and the negative premium is lower than yesterday. To zoom in, investors need to be alert to recent market volatility risks.