Launched daily non-debt settlement, digital asset exchange An OnTrade has been operating stably for three months was officially launched on May 6, 2019, and it has been operating on a daily debt-free digital asset exchange. It has been running stably for more than three months. An Easy Daily 16:00-16:30 (UTC+8) is settled according to the number of weighted averages of the last hour before the settlement of each type of contract, and the profit of the user will become the balance after no debt settlement. The user will be able to directly extract the profit portion, and the settlement will not change the user's actual profit and loss situation, and the user's equity will not change before and after the settlement.

The daily debt-free settlement system is a trading rule that has evolved in the financial market for centuries and has been passed down, which can greatly protect the financial security of investors. An Yi is bringing the technology and experience of this traditional financial derivative to the blockchain, leading the development and improvement of the encrypted digital currency industry. Based on the top-level financial derivatives system, it has a complete trading, settlement, and risk control system. It has slow fog technology, knows Chuangyu, PeckShield comprehensive security audit, and has a time stamp from Babbitt. Investment in capital and strength public chain NEO. The Anyi Technology and Finance team is from the top institutions of traditional finance and blockchains such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, CICC, Firecoin, Kraken, etc., and is committed to building the fourth generation of all-system innovative digital asset exchanges.