Analysis: The comprehensive increase in the price of the currency in 2019 is much lower than that in 2017.

LongHash released an analysis article saying that comparing the bull market in 2017 with the price increase in 2019, a big difference is that this year's earnings have been low, and only a few cryptocurrencies are profitable. Recall that in 2017, there were 15 currencies with a yield of more than 10,000%, and several cryptocurrencies gained 100,000% even in that year. According to Messari data, there are dozens of cryptocurrencies (at least 30) with yields above 100%. But so far in 2019, only 18 cryptocurrencies have exceeded 100% yield, and no cryptocurrency can get close to 10,000% yield. In other words, encryption investment is a game of multiples in 2017. It is now clearly becoming a game in percentage terms. With the expansion of the encryption market, it will become more and more difficult to get a huge return in 2017. However, this is not necessarily a bad sign. This may just be a reflection of the market becoming mature. Most of the rising prices in 2019 were concentrated on a few projects that were continuously developed and adopted by real users. The ICO financing boom has faded. In the 2019 market cycle, as the industry continues to consolidate around mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, those ridiculous blockchain projects and scams seem to be less frequent.