The four families of the Italian Mafia have made a "criminal chain", which clearly divides the rights of the family…

The term Mafia originated from the Sicilian uprising on the day before Valentine's Day on March 30, 1282.

The Italian Mafia has become a prominent symbol of the country, but in the past two years, the gang has lost sight of the police because of the full force of the police. In addition to the Sicilian Mafia, the other most famous and important three families in Italy are: Camorra, Glory (Ndrangheta) and Sacra Corona Unita. The forces of the four major families are distributed as follows.

The Mafia is the meaning of "refuge" in Arabic. Recently, there has been a brand new name for the Mafia "criminal blockchain." What is the “criminal blockchain”? What is the connection between the mafia and the blockchain?

" blockchain " decentralization

What I want to say today is the glorious meeting of the four major families – the Ndrangheta Mafia family.

International organization investigators have recently discovered that the Ndrangheta Mafia family has decentralized its internal power structure, and the decentralized structure is like a “criminal blockchain”.

According to the "National Post" report: Canada's Ndrangheta mafia family usually takes orders from the "matriarchal clan" in Calabria, Italy, but the criminal organization outside the town of Sidno, Calabria The decision in turn affected the actions of Italy, and this phenomenon happened for the first time.

The Italian authorities mentioned in the court documents:

The management of the Sidno town branch not only performs tasks in the province of Calabria, but also transmits orders overseas. In addition, they also perform tasks directly in Canada to make them more efficient and efficient. Command structure. "

Seeing here you will find that, although they are distracting their power, this mafia does not really use blockchain technology. However, according to the "National Post", this change is closely related to the survival of the Mafia. It can be said that this is the basis of the strange analogy of the Mafia and the blockchain.

The police said that this time the centralized action of the Ndrangheta Mafia family in Canada was unprecedented, so it attracted a lot of attention. They also have parallel organizational structures in Toronto, and many famous Ndrangheta thugs have fled there.

According to reports, even if the criminal leader who extended out of Italy was suddenly attacked by the police, it could not stop the smooth implementation of criminal actions.

Decentralized centralization

I think, from an abstract point of view, this is a bit like a decentralized blockchain network like Bitcoin. If you delete any number of Bitcoin nodes, the system will not crash completely.

The design of Bitcoin does mean that it will remain alive after most of its network has suddenly failed, but that doesn't mean that any system that is somewhat decentralized is a blockchain (as these mafia families do). ), at best, it can only be regarded as an extension based on a similar basis.

Still, it’s really refreshing to see the term “criminal blockchain” used to describe something illegal, rather than being used to attack Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The “criminal blockchain” is not only a new term but also a new idea. Perhaps this “decentralized” idea can help solve problems in other fields.

Seeing here, is it right to ask: When is the "criminal blockchain" available for IEO? (IEO: Initial Exchange Offerings, can be understood as the exchange-based Token issue, IEO does not have a financing subscription process, direct online exchanges for users to buy and sell, the exchange will also become the main force of the token in the secondary market market place.)

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