Cocos-BCX first launched on the first day of the currency "A wave of violent"? The reason may be here

On August 21st, Cocos-BCX, the next-generation game digital economy platform, launched its online currency security. However, after the launch, there was a “large fluctuation”. According to the history of previous projects, some IEO projects quickly slammed after the online exchange, and the currency price quickly dipped in a short time, but the situation may be different according to the analysis of Cocos-BCX.

1. Cocos-BCX is the first online coin, which belongs to the direct deposit. The opening price is taken from the first transaction price in the auction auction before the opening. After the auction is over, the price returns to the market value range of the project and enters normal fluctuations. The collection price is more from the high price of new users' pending orders, and does not reflect the real opening market value; this is different from many people's familiar fire currency exchanges, the opening price of the new currency on the fire coins, by the project Formulated by the party.

2. The market panic and greed index reached 5 today, hitting a record low, in a state of extreme panic, and the market is expected to go down. The cryptocurrency market has recently shown a weak downward trend, with Bitcoin falling below $10,000. In the absence of a large market, Cocos-BCX failed to show an upswing, but remained in the market value range, maintaining a high level of ETH and BTC prices;


3. Cocos-BCX is a mode of direct currency security rather than IEO. The opening price of the IEO project is usually discounted relative to the market value of the project. The discount rate of 3 fold and below is not uncommon, and the opening price of COCOS is taken. The first transaction price of the real handbook collection bid is a complete market pricing mechanism, and the higher aggregate bid price also reflects the market's confidence in the subsequent trend;

4. Within 24 hours of the launch, Cocos-BCX has a market capitalization of over US$34 million, a global ranking of 103 (coin data), Cocos-BCX has a 24-hour trading volume of 10.343 billion, and a circulation of 15.715 billion. In terms of scale, in the first half of the year The top-level project is in the upper-middle level;

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Up to now: Cocos-BCX's number of holders: 7,533; this figure is not bad for a newly launched project, and the currency is more dispersed.

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The COCOS distribution is as follows:

1) The number one is the lock coin contract. Tokens other than liquidity are locked by the contract. They can only be unlocked according to time and rules. The contract code has been verified. It is more open and transparent than the manual release by the project. In terms of contract security, there is an audit issued by slow fog. certificate.

2) The second-ranked position user is the Currency Exchange.

3) Others are scattered positions.

5. It is understood that in the second half of this year, there will be some head projects overseas to seek the top, and can be expected to be the head office. The entry of competitors brought some pressure to Cocos-BCX, but in the current unstable market, Cocos-BCX can remain relatively stable, which also shows that the project has a certain community foundation and has the support of project quality. There should be good performance in the second half of the year.

6. Compared with other IEO projects, the total market capitalization of Cocos-BCX after 24 hours of issuance is compared with the IEO project that has risen after the opening. It can be seen that although the IEO project has a large increase after going online, it usually cannot be maintained. Going forward, some IEOs have even broken, and Cocos-BCX's current volatility is much lower than these IEO projects.

7. Affected by the current market conditions and sentiment, even on high-quality projects, it is difficult to directly achieve a big upswing.

8. At present, funds in the market are being pulled away from short-term games such as “model, disk” and “intraday”. These funds may flow into some projects that are relatively good in quality.

9. Cocos-BCX officials have repeatedly stated that the behavior of several exchanges on futures has nothing to do with the official. The currency is the only starting exchange for the Cocos-BCX project.