Ethereum is expected to be the first public chain of the Hyperledger Alliance

Hyperledger sent a proposal via email that puts the Pantheon protocol supported by ConsenSys under Hyperledger and joins blockchain projects such as IBM's Hyperledger Fabric and Intel's Hyperledger Sawtooth. If the proposal passes, Pantheon will be renamed Hyperledger Besu. If the Open Source Alliance's Technical Steering Committee approves the Pantheon project proposal, Ethereum may become the first public chain of Hyperledger. This means that the Pantheon code will be posted on Hyperledger's proprietary GitHub page and will be open to developers already involved in the project. Pantheon is a suite of Ethereum-based services developed by ConsenSys. The Pantheon Ethereum client is built on Java and is used to develop enterprise applications with features such as privacy and permissions.