State Grid E-commerce Company established blockchain subsidiary to develop "blockchain + power"

Another national team blockchain company was established.

On the 22nd, State Grid E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as “State Network E-commerce”) announced that State Grid Blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was formally inaugurated and merged into Xicheng Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

Blockchain has the distinctive features of anti-counterfeiting, tamper-proof and traceable, but how does “blockchain+power grid” combine? State Grid E-commerce Company explained that the blockchain technology form is highly compatible with the State Grid Corporation's ubiquitous power IoT construction, which can promote mutual trust between upstream and downstream industries, achieve efficient data sharing, enhance risk prevention capabilities, and effectively solve ubiquitous power Internet of Things. Data integration, network security, multi-agent collaboration and other issues facing the construction process.

It is understood that before this, State Grid E-commerce Company has built the first judicial-level trusted blockchain public service platform in the State Grid Corporation system, as the only central enterprise and Beijing Internet Court “balance chain” mutual trust and intercommunication, listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The chain key laboratory power application experiment base participated in the formulation of the first blockchain national standard, and realized the application of blockchain technology in multiple scenarios such as power score exchange, photovoltaic contract, bill payment, and electronic invoice.

According to Kaixinbao's public information, State Grid E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in January 2016. It is the State Grid Corporation's implementation of the national “Internet+” action plan, pushing for diversified development, and using Internet technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional businesses. Strategic deployment, currently has the five e-commerce platforms of e-po, national network mall, internet finance, photovoltaic cloud network and business travel cloud. It is currently the largest energy e-commerce enterprise in China. The state network e-commerce company established a professional blockchain enterprise, and the national team blockchain company added another member.

Source: Daily Economic News

Every reporter Liu Yongsheng, every edited by Lu Jiu'an