Detonating "under the chain", Celer Network will attend the 2019 than the original global developer conference

The last day of the "2019 than the original global developer conference".

This conference is the second time to hold the blockchain global developer conference than the original chain. The conference invited Matrixport partner Daniel, ETC Labs director Darin, MATPool CTO Jin Lei, Celer co-founder Dong Mo, Multiplied founder Nancy, Algorand project Research leader Naveed, Harmony co-founder Nick, Yingxintai Capital Investment Director Will and many other industry heavyweight guests.

As one of the guests at the conference, Celer Network co-founder Dong Mo will present a speech entitled “ Celer Network: Introducing Large-Scale Applications and Sustainable Developer Resources for Each Blockchain ”.

Timg_meitu_1 The picture shows Dong Mo

Mo Dong graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and received his Ph.D. in UIUC Computer Science in 2017. The insider is called “old Dong” and is an early evangelist, developer and investor in the blockchain . Celer Network is committed to building an Internet-scale blockchain application portal based on Layer-2 technology, enabling everyone to quickly and easily develop, operate and use high-performance distributed platforms on the platform. Blockchain application.

Two days before the opening of the conference, we chatted with Dong Mo about his understanding of the Celer Network's planning, chain expansion, and the idea of blockchain entrepreneurship .

Q1: What new technologies will you share in the speech than the original chain developer competition?

Dong Mo : I am very grateful for the invitation than the original chain. At this conference, I will introduce Celer's core two-tier framework and our latest technological breakthroughs . On July 8th, Celer's main online line not only launched the world's first second-level generalized state channel network, but also launched the mobile application CelerX and the matching developer kit. Our mobile app for the client side, CelerX, is already accelerating the push for blockchain games . More than 10,000 users from 88 countries have used CelerX for chain-based payment or chain-playing games. The total number of games played by users has exceeded 200,000, and the total prize money has exceeded $1.3 million.

Q2: What is the significance of chain expansion for the entire blockchain industry?

Dong Mo : Everyone said that they focused on the public chain in 2018, while the focus in 2019 was on the second floor . The second-tier capacity expansion will be the only way for the blockchain to land. More and more public chains recognize the importance of Layer 2 expansion. The second-tier expansion can increase the scalability of the public chain to a higher latitude and span the user experience. Recently, we will announce a unified standard for the Ethereum community with other state channel expansion projects .

Q3: How does the Celer Network balance technology, business, and applications?

Dong Mo : The Celer Network will be technical, commercial, and application-oriented, without any shortcomings. Technology is the core, the ultimate in technology, and in the business model and application, can bring sustainable benefits to community developers, can continue to attract the massive mass of non-blockchain users to use the blockchain Technology, " making the blockchain technology invisible, not feeling an application using blockchain technology " is the highest level.

That's why Celer not only released the technology platform when it released the main network, but also the business model and C-side applications. Hundreds of developers have signed up and developed applications in the Celer game development kit without any additional incentives from developers . Not only users, but also developers on the Celer platform, especially game developers, do not need any blockchain experience, complete the entire development process, and do not need to deal with complex blockchain concepts, we are all these Complete packaging is done. I hope that I can do "the big sounds, the elephants are invisible." Q4: As a blockchain entrepreneur, what do you think most about every day?

Dong Mo : I have been in contact with blockchain technology earlier, and at the beginning I was in a relatively pure research and academic world. I strongly agree that the blockchain can open up the barriers to world value transfer barriers. It can be regarded as the blockchain "angry youth" and has many utopian illusions and ideals . I volunteer to fight for this ideal for life.

Since you have to struggle for life, you must be able to live in all stages of your life, do what this technology can do, and do what you need to do. So the thing I think most about is to look at the blockchain technology and related application industries with a historical and developmental perspective. What stage are we at the moment? What kind of application should we do? Now, after making this application, is it possible to become a platform for cutting and vanguard in the future? How can we quickly cross the development gap in a vertical field? Q5: Looking back on the entrepreneurial experience of the past two years, where did your anxiety and passion come from?

Dong Mo : Passion and anxiety come from this feeling and belief that " it is a drop in the ocean, but you want to conquer the sea of ​​stars ." If you say Celer Network, the driving force is of course to come from colleagues and friends who have the same convictions and want to do something extraordinary. With such an executive team, you can be invincible.

August 24, 2019, San Francisco, USA, many technology leaders, blockchain industry experts and scholars, the world's top geeks, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technical elites and scholars as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Investors will gather here to discuss topics related to blockchain technology and digital assets.

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