Babbitt Composite Index: Bitcoin 10,000 USD shocks, the market needs to choose direction

Babbitt Composite Index: Bitcoin 10,000 US dollars shock, the market needs to be selected as of 10:00 on August 22, the Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) reported 13849.26 points, 24 hours up and down +2.82%, much higher than Nasdaq The composite index (7991.39 points, -0.36%), the global Token market performed better than the securities market performance since the release date. According to QKL123 data, among the 8BTCCI index components, the number of rises is 26, and the number of declines is 1. The top three Tokens are ETC, MIOTA, BAT and DASH, LINK, BNB, respectively, and the corresponding rise and fall are +22.47% and +10.30 respectively. %, +9.35% and -4.26%, +0.45%, +1.29%. The Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) consists of large-scale, highly liquid Tokens in the global market. The points are based on the Nasdaq Composite Index and are produced by the Baxter Think Tank to reflect the performance of the entire Token market.