Data show: Ethereum's 30-day ROI has rebounded, and the bitcoin exchange rate is still near historical lows.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on August 23, the price of Ethereum is $190.6, the total market value is $20,501.56M, and the volume of mainstream exchanges is about $139.23M, which has a certain rebound; Ethereum's exchange rate against Bitcoin is stable in history. In terms of fundamentals, the trading volume and active address number of the Ethereum chain are steadily fluctuating, and the computing power has a certain downward trend. The trading volume of the DApp on the chain remains stable; the Ethereum 30-day developer index is about 2.32, and the BTC is 180 days. The correlation degree remained stable at present, which is about 0.794; the 30-day ROI of Ethereum has a certain rebound; the total market value of ERC20 tokens is about 68.06% of the total market value of Ethereum, which remains stable.