Overstock's bitcoin fan CEO is gone, the departure statement does not forget to call the blockchain

American entrepreneur and bitcoin advocate Patrick Byrne announced his resignation as CEO and board member of Overstock.com.

In a letter to shareholders, Byrne stated:

"Although I think that everything I do is for the benefit of the country, for the benefit of the company, I am still in a sad situation to have to sever the relationship with Overstock."


More than a week ago, Byrne admitted that he was involved in the FBI's investigation into whether Russia would affect the 2016 US presidential election.

In his statement, Byrne commented on the case of Russian agent Maria Butina, pointing directly to law enforcement. Butina's lawyer revealed to the New York Times that Byrne and Butina have determined their relationship since 2015.

In January 2014, Overstock became the world's first large retailer to accept bitcoin payments.

Byrne shared his views on the company in the statement and praised the talent and contributions of some employees. He also commented on blockchain technology as follows:

“I think the blockchain revolution will reshape the main social system. We designed and introduced perhaps the most important blockchain alliance in the world, a network of blockchain companies that aim to reform identity and land. Governance (=rule of law = potential = capital), central bank, capital markets, supply chain and voting. In these three areas (land governance, central bank and capital markets), the disruptive opportunities of the blockchain will create many '10,000 Billion '.'

“You have blockchain assets that are ready to bring capital market, financial and governance changes to the poor. This is a team of 20 years of innovation and is now polishing blockchain assets.”

Finally, Byrne said it will disappear for a while.