CPC Crypto Devcon Encryption Developer Conference will be held at Stanford University at the end of August

On August 31st, the Stanford University Teacher Center will host the CPC Crypto Devcon Encryption Developer Conference. Internationally renowned professors of distributed systems and cryptography will attend the conference and share it.
The Turing Award winner, Professor Diffie of the American Academy of Engineering, and the father of the blockchain, Dr. Stornetta will attend the conference and attend the dinner. At the same time, LinkedIn LinkedIn LinkedIn Eric Ly, Berkeley Professor Oasis Labs founder Dawn Song, Findora Chief Strategy Officer / Stanford School Fund former Chairman and President John Powers, TechCrunch founder and Arrington XRP Capital partner Michael Arrington, IoTex United Founder Raullen Chai, Celer Network co-founder Mo Dong, Quarkchain president Qi Zhou, Nucypher cryptographer Ravital Solomon, Certik founder Professor Gu Ronghui and other guests will attend the conference and give relevant keynote speeches.
The CPC Encryption Developers Conference's media partners cover more than 100 million page views, more than 3 million blockchain readers worldwide, and more than 1,000 online communities and more than 300,000 community members. Media partners include Bitcoin Magazine, BTC Media, Brock Finance, Chain Node, Babbitt, Chain News, Planet Daily, Golden Finance, Mars Finance and more.