"Break the world and the Hangzhou blockchain game forum" was held in Hangzhou today

On the afternoon of August 23, the “Breakthrough and Hangzhou Blockchain Game Forum” jointly hosted by Magic Cube and Yuzawa Network Technology was held in Hangzhou. The event invited a number of guests from Magic Cube, Dex.top, NEO, Bojiang Capital, Bitmart, Chain Fish, Tencent Games, Time Stamp Capital and other institutional projects to discuss the current status and future of blockchain games. At the event, Magic Cube founder and CEO Rudy will also announce the heavy news related to Dungeon and Warriors (DNF), so stay tuned. It is reported that Magic Cube is a blockchain-based entertainment decentralized ecosystem, dedicated to helping game developers use smart contracts to publish the game's core pass (GTO), to solve the many pain points of the existing game industry.