Citex Exchange shuts down fusion mining, its token CTT plummeted and suspected

Liu Xiaodong, co-founder of the exchange Citex, announced today in the circle of friends that “C network decided to stop the fusion mining. Otherwise, the C network must be put in. Subsequently, the official website of Citex issued an announcement confirming the termination of the fusion mining activities and the withdrawal of the currency. After the announcement, the Citex coin CTT began to collapse and it was suspected of being slammed. For the plunge, Liu Xiaodong commented in the circle of friends that the slap was operated by several partners of Capital Capital and expressed the view that in order to ensure the interests of everyone, it is still necessary to suspend the sudden change. Mining. At 9:50 yesterday night, Liu Xiaodong wrote a message in the circle of friends, "I can lose it," I suspected that CTT will encounter a sell-off.