Report: The number of blockchain start-ups introduced on the Y Combinator demo day this year has fallen by more than 40% from last year.

Earlier this week, Y Combinator, a well-known startup incubator, held a "demo day" for a group of startups in the summer of 2019. Y Combinator startups staged in San Francisco twice a year to introduce their ideas to investors. Y Combinator incubates start-ups in two batches: winter and summer. These startups will experience a tense three-month incubation period. In the summer of 2019, two blockchain-related startups were introduced on the demo day: TRM Labs and Multis. TRM Labs is a software company that helps customers track cryptocurrency fraud; Multis is a bank that helps companies use cryptocurrencies in the form of paying employees' wages and earning interest. In the winter of 2019, there will also be two blockchain-related startups. According to The Block's research, the number of startups related to blockchains this year has dropped by more than 40% from 7 in 2018. However, in the past three incubation batches, there were two blockchain-related startup projects each time. It should be noted that this data is based on the statistics of startups who publicly display their ideas on the demo day. Some of Y Combinator's startups have been in stealth mode and have made unofficial promotions.