Sudden! Multiple platforms BTC and ETH were pinned, but some people were unexpectedly rich.

At 2:23 pm on August 23, Beijing time, there was a very strange scene in the cryptocurrency market. The market value of some altcoins suddenly increased sharply, and ZRX even exceeded BTC in a short time. P1 After a small editor's review, Bitmax, citex and other exchanges were actually pinned. In the short time, the ETH on the citex was smashed to 0.07 US dollars, and the BTC was smashed to 0.32 US dollars, which is close to zero.


(Citex ETH Quotes screenshot)


(citex BTC Quotes screenshot)

The price of the altcoin on these platforms has soared.

Some people speculate that this should be caused by the same quantitative team.

According to Liu Xiaodong, co-founder of Citex, in his circle of friends:

"C network decided to stop the fusion mining, or C network must be put in."

Subsequently, the official website of Citex issued an announcement confirming the termination of the fusion mining activities and the withdrawal of the currency. After the announcement, the Citex token CTT began to plummet and was suspected of being sold. For the plunge, Liu Xiaodong commented in the circle of friends that it was operated by several partners of Capital Capital and expressed the view that in order to ensure the interests of everyone, it is still necessary to suspend the sudden change of mining. At 9:50 in the evening yesterday, Liu Xiaodong wrote a message in the circle of friends, "I can lose it," I suspected that CTT will encounter a sell-off.

There are also foreigners who added that this may be related to AWS failures, and the current currency affects its withdrawal process. P6

Some people profit and successfully raise coins. Is it necessary to roll back the transaction?

According to the reaction of a WeChat group member, some players earned 163 ETH through an ADA in this accident and successfully completed the coin.



(Successful players transfer coins to fire coins)

What do you think of this incident?