Viewpoint | Is decentralization technology really better than traditional technology?

Technology promises to change all markets, but not all technological advances are as beneficial as they seem. In some markets, technological improvements will produce inferior and complex products at a higher cost, and the results are not as good as the original design.

For example, when WordPress became the dominant web publishing platform, it brought a variety of positive changes to the field of web development. WordPress gave the website design to ordinary people who had no technical knowledge at all. WordPress doesn't make developers obsolete, but developers no longer need to use WordPress to build and run a basic website, which most people want to see.

However, with this innovation comes a boring security protocol that, if not checked, can lead to attacks again and again. One-click installation allows WordPress to install without any salt and hash keys, but from the first day, SQL injection and brute force attacks have plagued WordPress. Moreover, no matter how you install the plugin and update the core system, there will always be newfound vulnerabilities.

Developers are constantly releasing patches and trying to stay ahead of hackers, which is a lot of work. When using WordPress, they believe that their website has become simplified, but it has actually become more complicated. In order to protect their websites, they must back up daily, keep updating and ensure the security of the installation. There is no end to the complexity of "simplifying" the website development process.

1. Sometimes returning to traditional methods is a better choice


The simplification of shaving is a classic example of how returning to tradition may be the best solution. In recent years, there has been a tradition of reviving wet shaving, where classic tools such as straight razors and safety razors are being used. People make their own foam and pour the cream into the jar.

Consumers are offered expensive so-called high-tech solutions that promise better shaving (such as a $200 heated razor), but nothing is simpler than traditional shaving company's hot towels and razors. Classic shaving tools are cheap, simple, and have a better shaving effect.

Commercial razor companies are trying to innovate with already poor razors, turning shaving into a complicated chore. All technological advances in shaving tools are such complex (expensive) by-products.

2. Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular

Another technological advance that brings complexity to the world is the blockchain. Since the blockchain has become the latest popular technology, everyone seems to like the idea of ​​decentralizing the database. All you have to do is say the word "decentralization" and people will smile, even if they don't know what it means. People know that enough decentralized databases mean that no one or company is under control, and that it means that data cannot be modified or deleted.

This sounds great, and there are many useful applications, especially in areas that involve currency trading. However, blockchain technology also has major drawbacks in other markets.

3. When decentralization is not the best answer

The blockchain's approach to preventing fraud and increasing transparency may also be a disadvantage. On a decentralized platform, your information is permanently stored in the blockchain forever.

Blockchain is more than just bitcoin. If you've been tracking blockchain-based innovations, you might be familiar with Steem's blockchain blogging platform Steemit. Regardless of the blockchain, Steemit is not a typical blogging platform. In addition, there is something that most users have not considered. When you sign up for a Steemit account with your email address and phone number, you can't change any of them. Another disadvantage is that you can't change the username. If you want to change your username, email address or phone number, you must create a brand new account. However, you can't delete your old account, it won't disappear, and you can't delete posts. If you want to edit an article, you only have 7 days to change after the first release. After that, it will be permanently on the blockchain.

4. When centralizing the database is a better choice

Imagine that personal information cannot be deleted on a blockchain-driven social media platform, and if the social media platform is running on a traditional SQL database, you can contact the site owner and ask them to delete your personal information. If they don't follow, you can go to the police and they will force the website owner to write down your information. If a website uses a blockchain, even the police or the FBI can't, just because the information on the blockchain cannot be deleted.

5. Let us reconsider the tradition

It is interesting to participate in scientific and technological progress, but is it worth living a more complicated life? The shortcomings and complexity of advanced technology are commensurate. Sometimes returning to the classic method is indeed the best solution.

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Author: Jesse Almeda

Translation: Bitker Institute

Disclaimer: This article was compiled by the Bitker Institute.